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Women in Exile – 8th March 2019 Women* Strike activities

Our Women* Strike demonstration in cooperation with the FAU and Jugend Linke Potsdam had a participation of around 250 persons. It started at the Potsdam HBF and ended at the Brandenburger Tor with several stops, the first one was at the parliament. Several groups including the ASTA Potsdam read empowering speeches supporting women in all spheres of life.

After the demonstration 50 women from Women in Exile and friends proceeded to Freiland to eat and where a powerful Feminism Workshop on same, same but different was conducted.

The idea of the workshop was to share our knowledge and learn from each other on women struggles from different countries and why it is important to fight for ourselves and also join collective fights. This was highlighted by a power point presentation of different women who have been recognized nationally and internationally for their fight for women rights.

Then, this was followed by discussions in small groups which went deeper into personal and international struggles and how we can support each other in our struggle for liberation. „Since feminism is about hearing different stories“, in these small groups we talked about personal experiences and generally what women from our countries of origin went through in the past and what they are currently going through. What has improved and what needs to improve so that patriarchy and sexism stops to dominate the society.

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