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No more Morias – Abolish the Lagersystem!

May be an image of 2 people, people standing, outdoors and text that says 'to Refugee nota Choice AGER schaffer STOP LAGER- LAGER-CLOSE CLOSE THE .SYSTEM SAFETY Û”FO FORALL FOR ALL CAMPS'

We condemn the European Union for its war against refugees!

We condemn that Moria was build in order to neglect basic human needs.

To quote an NGO worker. “At a time when we hear from the European Union: ‘no more Moria’, a new Moria has been built and the conditions – as far as we hear from the people inside – are worse than at the previous camp.” “There seems to be a very clear agenda linked to the migration pact and the European Union’s direction, which is of containment”.

Moria is not an exception.

Refugee camps are scattered all over Europe in line with the policy of militarised extrnalisation of borders and fortress europe.

Women*, minors and people from the LGBTIQ* community are particularly vulnerable to these harsh conditions. The refugees living in the camps at the european border are going through all types of harships in the heart of Europe: living outside, suffering the winter draughts and instead of being given dignified accommodation they are being pushed back.

We call for the immediate evacuation of all people from the camps on the EU’s external borders and for dignified accommodation in host countries and municipalities.

For Women in Exile; it is not a secret, how it feels to live in camps.

We have no privacy, live isolated and the risk of getting sexually and physically abused is so much higher.

We know that a life in isolation for people already severely traumatised is disatrious and worsens their health. that is why we demand: Evacuate the Camps! Let our people go! House them in dignified conditions and do not send them to other camps in Europe. Women* and children need special protection and must finally live in human conditions in order to avoid being repeatedly assaulted sexually and pyhically.

The Corona pandemic has proved another time the dangers of the lager accommodation system. Lagers are becoming prisons for those who are living inside them with no freedom of movement. On top of this, refugees are living in fear of deportations which are carried out violently by police in the middle of the night. Deportations are not a means of a migration policy. They are terrorizing and traumatizing us and our children!

This is why we will keep on demanding:

– Stop Deportations!

– “No Lager for Women and Children, Abolish all Lagers”!!! – europewide!

– Stop pushing us into inappropriate hygienic and traumatizing conditions!

– Stop our forced mass accommodation in Camps!

– Right to come, right to go and right to stay for all!

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