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PR:Women* on the move against Lagersystem and racism from 21.07 – 04.08

Women in Exile & Friends

Women in Exile is an initiative of refugee women founded in Brandenburg in 2002. As refugees and women* of this society we want to fight for our rights. Our main focus is the abolishment of Lagers. Madeleine Mawamba: „We believe the shared and isolated accommodations work as a catalyst to sexual violence, traumas and depressions leading to (attempted) suicides. That is why we say: No Lager for women and children! Abolish all Lager!“

Women in Exile & Friendshave been making summer tours to different German federal states to connect with other refugee women*, especially those living in lager. This summer we will move to Hamburg, Bremen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Elizabeth Ngari: „We will be a group of 40 refugee women and children on tour with the Solibus (Solibus e.V. Gemeinsam mobil für eine solidarische Welt). We will camp or sleep at our hosts. We will visit the Lager, do demonstrations against racism and Lager, encourage each other and facilitate empowerment workshops. We will encourage and network with other refugee women*, groups and individuals working with refugee women*. On this tour we will bring into public the isolation, racism, sexism, reports on traumas on those experiencing sleepless nights for fear of deportation and the effects of the corona pandemic. To abolish this racist Lagersystem, we will break borders preventing our participation and build bridges to connect us to other communities. So that refugees will be given the opportunity to choose where we want to live in dignity.“

Women in Exile will Kick off the Bustour in Potsdam on the 21.07. at 11:00 in Front of Brandenburg Parliament with a rally against Lager and racism. Everybody is welcome to join and support the fight for freedom of movement, for the abolishment of all Lager and against racism. We know: Solidarity wins. On the 4.8. we will come back and held a standing rally at Oranienplatz in Berlin. There will be a press conference and food will be served. Warm welcome to join us there too and hear of our experiences.

We ask for your finacial support and solidarity for our Tour. So that we can work for the empowerment of refugee women*, bring the systematic violation of our rights to the public and work together with other communities for an open and solidarity society. Abolish all Lager! Freedom of movement is everbodys right!

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