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Workshops offers

Part of our work is to give workshops to refugee women and / or supporters / activists to bring the refugee women’s perspective into the work done around migration and refugee politics.

We look forward to your requests for workshops, you can do it by sending us an email to info @

1: Empowerment Workshop: From Personal Problems to Political Action
As Refugee Women, we are confronted with many problems every day. In this workshop, we create a space for exchange and try to see that our problems are not individual only. We often lack the power, the contacts and information to deal with these problems. And the lager accommodation system is supposed to discourage us and to isolate us from the rest of the society. We discuss how to improve our situation and why it is important to organize together. We need to stand up for our rights as women living in this society.

2: Women, Asylum and Solidarity/How open are my political structures to refugee women*?
It is important to address racism, sexism and homophobia in connection with refugee movement. On the outside we try to have a united fight, but from inside there are a lot of divisions depending on privileges. Some of us practice racism, sexism and homophobia without even being aware of it. This comes sometimes from the refugee and sometimes from the supporters. It is important to know ones limitation in terms of support. Supporters sometimes spend a lot of energy trying to support individuals but forget that this cannot be forever and forget it is more important to empower these individuals: “do not give me fish but show me how to fish”.
We refuse a concept of the supporter-supported relationship as one part only giving and the other only taking. Instead, we want to work on our own concept of working together in solidarity.

3: Health
The „Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz“ was passed in 1993 to discourage asylum seekers from coming to or staying in Germany. It is racist and discriminating!! According to this “Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz” treatment of acute diseases or pain is covered. For any further medical treatment one needs to individually apply at the Sozialamt. This means that unqualified people decide on our health! Even though the new health insurance card was introduced in some regions, for special treatment we still need the permission of the Sozialamt and many doctors won’t treat us as soon as they see that we are refugees. Even according to “Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz” every woman has the right to see the gynecologist she chooses and to be assisted by a midwife during pregnancy, and after giving birth. Every pregnant woman can decide herself, how she wants to give birth, but because doctors get extra money for every caesarian section, they do the surgery without explanation or even informing refugee women and the women often don’t know about their rights.

4.Deportation – Solidarity participation
Recently the laws governing refugees have been changed, making it much easier to deport asylum seekers even the sick. The Dublin deportation system is reinforced. The European Union is trying to stop people from coming to Europe by all means. Instead of granting the Human Right to Asylum, people are treated as criminals as soon as they enter European ground. They can even revoke your status after some years and deport you then. The state is doing everything possible to keep asylum seekers in constant fear of deportation: How can we individually or collectively make solidarity participation in stopping deportation?

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