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Join us in the struggle against racist laws!

AbolishOn Friday the Federal Council approved the revision of the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (Asylum Seekers Benefits Act).
The new Asylbwerberleistungsgesetz is basically the old: A racist special law, that provides restrictions and penalties, degrading vouchers and sometimes life-threatening minimum medicine. Social welfare offices will in fact – as before the decision of the Constitutional Court – decide arbitrarily, to what extent they cut services. And again it will take years until complaints against this unconstitutional violation of the fundamental right to a decent living wage will come before the Federal Constitutional Court.
Once again were fundamental rights for refugees negotiating positions. This time they were exchanged for more money to municipalities for housing of asylum seekers – in camps of course. Because a planned change of construction law will allow the building of camps in commercial areas.
Refugee women will suffer most from that. Because usually it is the women, who feel responsible for organizing everyday life for the whole family under such inhumane living conditions.

At the same time, the federal government prepares the further tightening of asylum laws wih the bill „„to redefine residency rights and the termination of residence“.
Women in Exile & Friends will demonstrate against it
Friday, 5th. of December 14:00h, Potsdamer Platz -Berlin

You can find the call here:

We hope you all will join!

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