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United against racist propaganda and social exclusion!

United against racist propaganda and social exclusion!

Demonstration on Jan. 5th 2015
at 5pm
Stralauer Str./ corner Jüdenstraße (U2 Klosterstraße)

#NoPegida #NoBergida #NoBärgida #NoRacism

Der Aufruf auf Deutsch:

The “Patrioten e.V.” is trying to establish a branch of “Pegida” under the name “Bärgida” through a demonstration in Berlin on January 5th. At the bottom of the “Patrioten e.V.” is the right-wing and folkish-nationalist surrounding of groups such as “German Defence League”, “Pro Deutschland”, “Die Freiheit”, but also socalled “Identitäre” and symapthizers of AfD and NPD.

Trivialized as scared citizens, Nazis and racists have been mobilizing for demonstrations against refugees and Muslims for weeks. Fears of losing privileges and the own social status are being stoked, scapegoats invented and the ones concerned are played off against each other.

Politicians from national and federal governments hide their own responsibility for the racist mobilization through tentative dissociation from Pegida. Discriminating debates about alleged “asylum abuse” are serving as a legitimization for sanctions, aggravation of asylum laws and exclusion of people in daily political practice. The pattern of argumentation and the course of action thereby resemble the “The boat is full”-rhetoric in the early 1990s.

Racist attacks are increasing europe-wide these days. Often refugees and their accomodation, mosques, Muslims, Rom_nija and Black people are targeted. We take this shocking development as a cause to make an even stronger stand against any form of racism. We say: Blocking racism is our right! We do neither negotiate nor trivialize, we take the initiative!

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