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Work shop: From personal problems to political demands

Deutsch hier
Invitation for print
in English, German and French
in Arabic, German and Farsi
von Frauen für FrauenWe invite all refugee women to participate in our work shop „From personal problems to political demands“

Saturday 11.04.2015 in Potsdam-Babelsberg

We asylum seeking women are facing many problems: After seeking asylum one is confron­ted with many documents and most of them do not make any sense to us. Sometimes it is a nightmare because the officials see it as their duty to find ways of deporting us and we are not sure how the civil society will react to our needs because already we have experienced negativity from part of it….
This is why we are inviting you to meet other refugee women and to exchange experience. To find ways together on how to move on by knowing our rights.

Together we want to discuss laws and the admin­istration structure and how all this affects our stay and development in Germany. Together we will develop strategies on how to deal with these questions:
Where can I appeal? Where can I complain?
How can I help other refugee women effectively? Where do I have to act politically, because that is the only way the situation can change? How do I find alliance partners? Where can I address my protest? How can I publicly support my interest?

The languages in the work shop will be English and German. If needed we will organize a trans­lator for Arabic, Farsi, Russian or French. Please register  if you need a translation in these languages!

If you want to participate, please sign up until 6th of April!
0331 / 24348233 (office), 0176 32920586(Bethi)

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