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Press Tribunal with Women in Exile & Friends, Jugend Rettet e.V. and .. on the occasion of the nationwide bus tour of Women in Exile & Friends

From July 23rd to August 5th, refugee women* of the initiative Women in Exile & Friends travelled on a summer bustour through southern Germany and Switzerland to network with other initiatives and to fight against racism and discriminatory asylum regulations. Deportation Camps, „Anchor”-Centres and the criminalization of refugees were reasons to focus on the so called „home“ region of the German Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer. After finishing their bustour, Women in Exile & Friends will organize a press conference in form of a tribunal in joint cooperation with the NGOs Jugend Rettet and XXX. Together, the NGOs want to bring out what refugees experience on the move and after their arrival in Germany. One focus will be set by the NGOs which are explaining the experiences of refugee women* and by doing so denouncing the consequences of German politics and their racial standards. Another focus will be set on the criminalisation of the civil sea-rescues. The common goal of the tribunal is: Breaking the Borders.

We would like to warmly invite you: Press Tribunal with Women in Exile e.V., Jugend Rettet e.V on the occasion of the nationwide bus tour of Women in Exile & Friends

When: Monday, August 13th 2018, at 10am (to 11pm)
Where: aquarium (Südblock), Skalitzer Straße 6 10999 Berlin


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03.08 Basel Breaking Border Action!!

On the 03.8, some of us volunteered to cross the border and go to Switzerland to meet with the Climate Games group. This group composed of women who were risking to cross with no papers and others, who could cross the border legally.

This was to fulfil one of the orignal idea of the „Women Breaking Borders“ bus tour, to cross the border illegally and connect our movements because we see climate changes as one oft he flight reasons and migration.

We got at Paptal in Basel around 3pm, and found the organisers starting to build the camp but they stopped this to have a meeting with us. Both sides were apologetic because oft he miscommunication with the dates. This was very encouraging for us because they were very welcoming in spite of their busy schedule.

We had a promt meeting which later turned into a workshop. They promised us to pass the information and outcome of our discussion to the other participants in the camp and probably give it a slot in their big discussions.


1.8 Breaking borders in Basel

On the 31.7 around 7pm, we arrived in Freiburg, the Infoladen group from the autonomous center KTS welcomed us with a meal and introduced us to their project and center.

The following morning 1.8, which is also the national day of Switzerland, we drove to Basel and met with activists from the Swiss side of the border. We gathered at the green corner near Impulsiv Freizenter Weil am Rhein at Basler street. Here we hang our banners played some music and after an hour started the 500 metre walk towards the border; with the Demo-Samba-Group „Rhytms of Resistance“ playing and singing slogans, together with the bank we sang and shouted slogans. When we got to the border crossing a few refugees from the Swiss part of the border were standing there in solidarity with our action.

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29.7 In Munich with FLIT solidarity Africa

On arrival in München at around 2pm, FLIT Solidarity Africa introduced us to the two day program and then we moved to Bellevue after eating. In Bellevue the FLIT Africa presented their work through dancing and talk, which ended up into an open discussion. Afterwards, we had dinner and went to the sleeping places organized by Alarm phone.

The following day most of us left for Erding for a press conference in front of the city court. At the end oft he press conference we made a short „stop deportation“ demonstration round the deportation prison and the city court, which are situated in the same compound.

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27.7 Regensburg: Lager Walk and visit to Deggendorf

We got a warm reception at the LiZe in Regensburg and after eating and relaxing, we started what was defined by the Regensburg group as a „lager walk“ around 4pm. In the city of Regensburg are many lagers, but five of them are situated closely to one another. Two of those camps are “arrival“ and “transit“ centres which will change to „AnKER“ centres on 1st August 2018.

We started the walk from the BAMF office and walked shouting to the nearest lager, which is called the arrival lager in the former military complex of Bajuwarenkaserne. We made a small rally outside and some refugees from inside joined us and took the loud speaker as well to let out their stress and anger to the system which is holding them as prisoners though their only crime is seeking for asylum in Germany.

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25.7 How long will we close our ears and eyes to humanity in our backyards?

We arrived in Nürnberg on the 25.7. late in the evening and after eating and being allocated to the sleeping places, we decided to have an early night.


The next day we left about 10:30 am for Bamberg and visited what one of the residents described to us, as the abandoned village. This description had different meanings, one of them is the state of isolation of this huge camp and the other one is what is going on inside, and the feelings of those living inside. These mixed feelings of fear, depression, stress and that nobody cares about are a pyschological wall towards the refugees in this huge AOE Lager. This we felt at the entrance where the security guards told us to stand together on one spot as they sorted out our identities.

We talked and invited many women to the empowerment workshop which we were giving outside the camp in a solidarity cafe in the city. About 20 women from the camp attended the workshop and talked about different topics. One could tell from the discussions that they lacked information and were lost and desparate in their abandoned village as they called it. After the workshop, we invited them to Nürnberg for the rally we were holding in front of the BAMF the following day.

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24.7 – Women* are here against deportations – Leipzig

Our official program started at 10:30am though it was meant to start at 10am, because we decided to wait for the women who were coming from Halle and Magdeburg to join the program.

We started with two pararel workshop, one exclusive for refugee women only and the other one for friends and supporters. The one for refugee women was an empowerment workshop „from personal problem to political activism“.

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23.7 – Women* breaking borders Bus Tour Kicks-off: first stop Magdeburg

Our first day of travelling together in our 2018 Women* Breaking Borders II was fun despite of the heat. In Magdeburg we connected with a group of five women and four children from Hamburg who joined the tour.

Our kick off action at the Alte Market in Magdeburg was succesful with women singing and shouting slogans on top of their voices because the microphone had some technical failure. Women made spotaneous short speeches and it was very interesting to see one of women who joined the Bus Tour with her children because she wants her children to experience a different atmosphere ask for a chance to say something, one of the things she said is, „the government should stop deportations especially to Afganstani“. She said it felt good to speak her thoughts in public and later asked if it is possible to be participating in our events in the future.
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Pressemitteilung: Women* Breaking Borders – Flüchtlingsfrauen auf Aktionstour durch Süddeutschland

Montag 23.7.18 – Einladung zum Start der bundesweiten Aktionstour von Women in Exile und zur Pressekonferenz  in Potsdam
Um 9:30, Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 164, 14482 Potsdam.

40 Frauen und Kinder auf Tour für die Rechte von geflüchteten Frauen und Kindern Stationen in „Seehofers“ Bayern: gegen Anker-Zentren und brutale  Abschiebungen

Vom 23.-07.-05.08.2018 machen sich Flüchtlingsfrauen aus ganz Deutschland auf den Weg, um sich zu vernetzen und laut zu werden gegen Rassismus und diskriminierende Asylgesetze. Die Initiative „Women in Exile“ wurde 2002 von Flüchtlingsfrauen in Brandenburg gestartet und kämpft für die Rechte von geflüchteten Frauen und Kindern. Es ist bereits ihre dritte bundesweite Tour. „Dieses Jahr haben wir uns entschieden, speziell in den Süden zu fahren, da die Situation für Flüchtlinge dort besonders schlimm ist und Bayern ja schließlich das „Heimat“-Land des Neuen „Heimat“- Ministers Seehofer ist. Spezielle Abschiebelager, ANKER-Zentren, brutalste Abschiebungen, Kriminalisierung von Flüchtlingen und Menschen, die Flüchtlingen helfen, werden dort ausprobiert und dann bundesweit implementiert“, sagt Elizabeth Ngari, Gründungsmitglied von Women in Exile.

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Urgent appeal for financial donations „Women* Breaking Borders II“ Tour from 23.07-05.08 2018

For our national wide Bus Tour which takes off from Potsdam on Monday the 23.07 at 10°°am,, we are facing last minute obstacles.

This is due to the number of women and children who want to join the bus tour. At the beginning the tour was meant for the politically active women and their children in the group. For this we had calculated with two mini buses from Berlin/Brandenburg. In the last couple of weeks, we have had requests from women who desperately want to join the tour with their children. Most of these women just want, to quote just but a few:

  • to escape the monotony of everyday life in the lager,
  • to get in contact and share their experiences with other women,
  • to free their heads of the daily stress,
  • to have their children experience a different atmosphere during the long
    summer holidays.

From these heartfelt explanations from refugee women in Berlin and Brandenburg, for women in Exile and the host cities means extra financial and organizational strain. To enable our bus tour to succeed, we urgently need financial and solidarity support for the following:

  • to hire another mini bus, this of course, will not be enough and some women will have to use other means of transport such trains .
  • money for food and for organizing cheap alternative sleeping places
  • a few sleeping bags from those living in Berlin/Brandenburg
  • solidarity drivers (especially from Munich the 31 of July)