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Same, same but very different – let’s end double discrimination against women refugees

On Monday 28th January 2019 we took part of the TED talk at the University of Potsdam with the theme Seeking discomfort, following you find the content of our talk.

There are human rights that we are all entitled to from birth until death. Would it surprise you to learn that many people are denied these rights? It surprised me.

Becoming a member and part of the volunteer staff of Women in Exile initiative, is a privilege that has allowed me to see, understand and be a witness to so many concerns surrounding human rights, especially the denial of those rights to women living in exile. Those whom we call refugees.
It is this uncomfortable truth that has made me seek the discomfort of standing in front of you, because I believe that this platform can bring awareness and awareness is the first step to creating the change needed to end the double discrimination against women refugees.

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Women have been voting for a 100 years and still our voices don`t count! ” aren`t we women”?

We gave the following speech at the Women’s March in Berlin, Germany in front of the Humboldt University on January 19, 2019.

All around the world we are seeing day after day how millions of women* are taking to the streets saying enough is enough, showing the world women*’s power. Women* are fighting for their rights in all front lines, from big demonstrations like Women’s March, 8 March women strike or Women Wall. We refugee women* we resist every day to deportations, racism, sexism and discrimination in lagers, in offices, in houses and on the streets.

Women* are farmers, doctors, students, professors, hairdressers, drivers, coaches, secretaries, old, middle age and young, with and without papers. Women* are diverse, different, multiple, have different voices and colors but united are unbeatable.

As refugee women* we came here to stay and we fight for our rights as women and the discriminating asylum laws which threatens our stay.

We fight for freedom of movement, racism and sexism; adversities which are following us from our countries of origin, on our long dreadful journeys and in our host countries. We do not forget that most of our flight reasons are man-made calamities like war, bad governance and poverty incited by the so called “developed countries”.

Many of us lose our lifes on our flight journeys due to the European “border” closing policies. We expect effective human justice to all those who have lost and are losing their life’s at European borders, in the Mediterranean sea, those committing suicides in lagers due to depressions and traumas.

We, refugee women*, together with solidarity activists are building a history of bridging the refugee movement and the feminist movement, with the intention of ending racism, sexism and discrimination.

Women have been voting for a 100 years and still our voices don`t count! ” aren`t we women”?

We will continue to empower refugee women* to understand their rights and advocate for themselves.

We won’t give up, we will fight until freedom comes and we will be joyful rebels.

Right to come, right to stay, right to go!!

Women* Breaking Borders Bus Tour video

Im Sommer 2018 reiste Women in Exile für 2 Wochen nach Süddeutschland, um die Städte zu besuchen, in denen die neuen AnKER-Zentren eröffnet werden sollen, sowie all jene Frauen, mit denen WiE bereits in den letzten Jahren zusammengearbeitet hat. Es war eine weitere ermächtigende Erfahrung für Flüchtlingsfrauen.

Thank you for your solidarity and support!!!

Dear Melanie, Julia, Katharina and all other unknown donors,

We wanted to thank you for your solidarity and for donating to Women in
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Donations are important for us since they can make us sustainable, in
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We would be glad if you also could think of becoming a longterm donor
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as the fight for the rights of refugee women has still a long way to go.

To become long-term donor you can do a regular bank transfer to our
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Yours sincerely,
Women in Exile & Friends Team

Workshops offers

Part of our work is to give workshops to refugee women and / or supporters / activists to bring the refugee women’s perspective into the work done around migration and refugee politics.

We look forward to your requests for workshops, you can do it by sending us an email to info @

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Solidarity for Success and Diane

We ask for your solidarity to sign the petition and to give any other assistance to facilitate the right of stay for Success and Diane.

During our Women* Breaking Borders Bus Tour this summer (2018), Women in Exile & Friends had the opportunity of meeting and weaving a network with Flit Solidarity Africa.

Flit Solidarity Africa is an initiative of lesbian refugee women based in Munich, fighting against refugees’ discrimination laws, racism and heterosexism. For the refugee women from Women in Exile who are lesbian and had difficulties to talk about it, meeting refugee women from Flit Solidarity Africa, who are using lesbian as a reason of seeking asylum was very encouraging.

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PM anlässlich des Internationalen Tages gegen Gewalt an Frauen am 25.11.2018

Strukturelle Gewalt und Gewalt gegen geflüchtete Frauen durch Polizeibeamte*innen

Über 40% der Asylbewerber*innen in Deutschland sind laut Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) weiblich. Geflüchtete Frauen erfahren geschlechtsspezifische Gewalt nicht nur auf der Flucht, sondern auch in Deutschland. Bei Abschiebungen geht körperliche Gewalt nicht selten von Polizeibeamt*innen aus. Sie ist aber auch struktureller Natur, bedingt durch die Unterbringung in Massenunterkünften.

Flüchtlingsfrauen erleben tagtäglich strukturelle Gewalt

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Deportation – Why do they come for us in the middle of the night?

In our last Women in Exile & Friends monthly meeting, we witnessed the story of a young woman who stopped her deportation to Italy because she was aware of her rights.

Natalie (not her real name):
“My name is Natalie; I live in the lager in Henningsdorf with my three months baby. I would like to share my story on what happened to me at the beginning of the year, to be concrete in February 2018.

-On February 2018 at 3am in the morning I heard someone knock and try to open my room in the lager. I woke up, went to the door and asked who it was at the door. The person stopped using the key and then a voice came through saying it is the police”open the door”.

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Excluded, Isolated, Deported – Refugee women destiny in Europe

CTXT invited us to their first Feminist Conference, which took place in Zaragoza (Spain) on 8th and 9th November.

We took part on the panel “The excluded ones”, for which we wrote the following text, now translated to spanish and published in CTXT magazine.

The politicians are changing the laws governing refugees at every possibility and make it more difficult for refugees and migrants to enter Europe. In every political discussion or voting, refugees and migrants take the main role. Most European politicians and leaders are blaming refugees for all the problems. Refugees are not the problems; it is there policies of exclusion, isolation and deportation.

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15.10. Commemoration of all the death at the european borders

On 15 October 2018 at Brandenburger Tor together with Corasol, Seebrücke and other initiatives and individuals we commemorated all the deaths at the European borders.
Corasol invited us to this yearly commemoration and we are glad that they create this space where flowers and candles can be laid down to make our sadness more visible.
We started with a minute of silence to respect the accounted and unaccounted deaths. From many we know their names which were made visible on a long list on the ground but many die anonymously in the sea, the deserts or they are namelessly buried into mass graves on the coasts.

Beside our sadness we also carry rage about the German and European policies whose colonialism lead to the conditions why we had to flee from our countries and which borders politics now try to hinder us in arriving here which makes them responsible for so many deaths. About this we spoke loud and clear in our speech:


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