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Exactly one year ago in our Newsletter no. 12  we were already reporting about the gynecological  problems of refugee women, with which the women  approached us in our meetings

We got to know a lot of cases especially from women who had cystes and were operated, but also women with heavy bleedings, myomas,…

Unfortunately during this year we have been witnessing that many of these problemes were not treated appropriately. In many cases they are directly treated with radical/dramatical measures like operations and the women are lacking time and (medical) knowledge in their mother language to decide on a treatment on their own.

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Report on the Workshop self-examination of the breast from 23.-24. March 2018

Health Workshop Potsdam

Flyer: AR | EN | DE | FR

Due to lack of information and many questions from the refugee women we are working about the topic reproductive health.

We decided to empower ourselves by learning more about our own bodies.

Therefore we invited experts of the „feminist women health center“ (Feministischen Frauen Gesundheitszentrum ) in Berlin to facilitate a workshop on the upper body.

In the workshop we learned about the self-examination of the breast.

First we got informations about the structure and anatomy of the breast and the changes it goes through in a lifetime. Then we learned practically how we can examine the breast ourselves and so learn more about our bodies and to sense hints for possible sicknesses.

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Same Right to Health Care for all?

In many cities and regions, the health insurance card for refugees has existed for a long time.

Ever since the card was introduced in Hamburg and Bremen, we have stated that it indeed is a great improvement as we don’t have to apply for a sick chit from the social office everytime before we go to the doctor. But we have also criticized that the card doesn’t fundamentally change the system of 3rd class health care for refugees which is determined by the racist “Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz” law.

For all health care that exceeds pure pain or emergency treatment, we still have to get the permission from the social office.

In Brandenburg, still six districts and the city of Frankfurt/Oder are refusing to give out the health insurance card. The spokesperson of the district of Märkisch-Oderland, Thomas Behrendt, said in December to the local newspaper: “The existing system is well-established.” Continue reading Same Right to Health Care for all?

Leaflet about Health

In the frame of our project on health, we came up with a leaflet on health which we are handing out during our Heim visits. All are welcome to print it or order some copies from us and distribute them as well. So far the English and German version are available, other languages will follow soon.



Leaflet in German

Leaflet in English

Leaflet in French

Project about Health started

This year we have started a project with the topic “Right to Health for Refugee Women” which is supported by Aktion Mensch. During the next three years, we are going to consider especially everything concerning health issues during our regular Heim visits. Also, we will organize many events and workshops around “HEALTH”. We are looking forward to working together with you!