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Health Magazine

Health magazine

Our remarkable health magazine is now available online, and with just one click to the above link “Health magazine“, you’ll have access to it. However, one can possess the hard copies from our space at Hermannstr.22 on Tuesdays from noon or email us.
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Distance and hygiene rules for W.i.E.& F – meetings

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1. if you or your child has cold symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat, diarrhoea…), has tested positive for Covid 19 or has had contact with someone who has tested positive, please do not attend the meeting
2. maintain a minimum distance of 1,5 metres
3. if the minimum distance cannot be maintained, please wear a mask
3. indoor areas should always be adequately ventilated
4. sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief – and then dispose of the handkerchief in a waste bin
5. wash your hands for 20 seconds: a) when you come in from outside, b) after blowing your nose / sneezing / coughing, c) before going to the kitchen, d) before eating, e) after going to the toilet
6. please use the disinfectant provided
7. All participants* must leave their name and contact details
8. With my signature I confirm that I have read and accept the rules
Stay healthy!

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PM Sozialamt Märkisch-Oderland

Am 2.12.2019 haben vor dem Sozialamt Märkisch-Oderland in Vierlinden mehr als 50 Menschen demonstriert. Sie forderten die Gesundheitskarte für Geflüchtete von Anfang an und die Überweisung ihrer Sozialleistungen auf ein Konto. Märkisch-Oderland ist der einzige Landkreis in Brandenburg, der diese inhumane Praxis bis jetzt aufrecht erhält.

Der Protest wurde getragen von Betroffenen und Personen aus Selbstorganisationen, Willkommensinitativen sowie weiteren Gruppen aus Brandenburg und Berlin. Geschmückt mit einem großen Banner „Equal rights for all people – also in MOL!“ und „Stop police brutality!!!“ war ein Protest-Bus aus Brandenburg vor Ort. Geflüchteten berichteten über
ihre Lebenssituation, es wurde gemeinsam getanzt und gegessen.

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Shock of becoming a mother

Newsletter #17

Since our health project started we have been sharing in our Newsletter different stories from different women which they have been experiencing in the health sector.

Recently we have produced a short film “TESTIMONIES FROM THE UTERUS” , where different refugee women are testifying on their living conditions and health situation. We continue to receive horrible stories and below is a testimony of a woman who is yet to recover from the shock of giving birth.

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Testimonials from the Uterus: Gesundheitsfürsorge für geflüchtete Frauen in Berlin und Brandenburg

Stress, depression and trauma – Psychological Health for Refugee women

Our last health seminar was facilitated by experts for migrants and refugees from KommMit who offer psychological counseling for refugees in Berlin/Brandenburg.

Many women came with a lot of questions such as: can dizziness and sleeping problems be a psychological problem? I have a lot of stress and problems -What can I do ? How can I help somebody else? What can one do if psycho-therapy doesn’t help?

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Health Tribunal – Testimonies and Indictments on Lagers

Newsletter #16

We (Women in Exile and Friends) are among a few groups of organisations and individuals who have come together to plan a public hearing in the framework of the Permanent Peoples´ Tribunal established in Bologna in 1980. *1
Our focus is on health and a framing of the topic of human rights violations from a perspective of health and the health effects. Health is something everybody can relate to.

This alliance is to create a common struggle between refugee organisation and solidarity organisations. The groups and individuals are working with refugee and migrants on professional and/or activism level such as IPNNW, Boderline Europe, Medibüro, Respect, International Women Space and medical doctors. This public hearing will probably take place in early 2020 and will be charged to denounce the discrimination on medical sphere in Germany. In the tribunal we would like to show through testimonies and indictments how health issues in Germany are linked into social and political sphere.

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Interview: “Living with cervical cancer”

Newsletter #16

My name is Margrit and I came to Germany some years ago as an asylum seeker. I applied for my asylum in Eissenhüttenstadt. During my stay in Eissenhüttensadt I shared a room with other asylum seekers from different countries.  Before I was transferred to the next lager I started having complications in my body.

This did not bother me a lot because I thought the reasons could be change of weather, food and the stressful situation of asylum seeking. I thought these body changes and complications were because I have just arrived in the country and will go away as soon as I get used to them.

The pain grew more and I had to seek doctor’s help. I was met with shock as he detected cervical cancer and I couldn’t swallow the bitter truth that faced me; I got traumatised and depressed. My strength and hopes were dimmed since this was not my expectations and being in a new country and as a refugee was hard to figure out how my life will be.

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PM 07.04.2019 World Health Day: Refugees have a third class health coverage, where is universal health coverage for everyone, everywhere?

2019 World health day focuses on Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere but we are seeing how laws are racist and discriminating also on health issues, like „Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz“ passed in 1993, which was established to discourage asylum seekers from coming to or staying in Germany.

For over two years “Women in Exile” has been working on a health project regarding refugee women. The project was started because we realised many women suffer from gynecological problems. Most of them have no right to access an insurance coverage and they are offered with a temporary cover which only helps by granting minor treatment. Even when going to gynecologists they don’t know how to account for it financially, making the women go through a tough time with their bodies.

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Zystem, Myome, PCO & Co.

Newsletter #15

Exactly one year ago in our Newsletter no. 12  we were already reporting about the gynecological  problems of refugee women, with which the women  approached us in our meetings.

We got to know a lot of cases especially from women who had cystes and were operated, but also women with heavy bleedings, myomas,…

Unfortunately during this year we have been witnessing that many of these problemes were not treated appropriately. In many cases they are directly treated with radical/dramatical measures like operations and the women are lacking time and (medical) knowledge in their mother language to decide on a treatment on their own.

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