Pregnancy & birth; refugees and people without papers

Refugee women* haven’t been given the voice and chance to either say yes or no to their forced caesarean deliveries. They are discriminated against their reproductive justices because they don’t have the chance to explain themselves to the doctors compared to the non-refugee women* who happened to be heard, given options and counseling. These bring of course the attention of language barrier discrimination that again, is mostly denied to them.

The midwife from Medinetz; Frauke Schukat, reports how often she tries to tell the refugee women* through her meetings that they shouldn’t sign any document that they don’t understand.

Unfortunately many refugee women* are still being harassed and threatened by the hospital administrators to never go back to their hospitals if they refuse to sign the documents that have been handed over to them. The women* report that through the fear that usually are bestowed on them, they end up signing the documents for what ends up to be unnecessary c-section surgery.

We have been fighting for such a long time for all lagers to be abolished because through our experiences, we know that the hygiene measures are very poor and the regufee women* especially the pregnant ones or those who are freshly sent back home after their surgeries, have to go either upstairs or downstairs in order to use the shared amenities such as the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. that happen to be on different floors.

You as a reader, privileged or not, please let us together support refugee women*’s maternal rights!

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