Women breaking border summer Bus Tour Cities program



23.7.2018 Magdeburg-Leipzig
25.7.2018 Nürnberg
27.7.2018 Regensburg
29.7.2018 München
01.8.2018 Freiburg – Basel
04.8.2018 Frankfurt am Main
05.8.2018 Potsdam-Berlin


23/7 Monday
Women breaking Border Kundgebung 13-16pm in Alter Mark


23/7 Monday
16:00-18:00 Exhibition of Anti-racist groups at Pögehaus
18:00-20:00 Presentation of the current asylum politics and introduction of Women in Exile at Pögehaus

24/7 Tuesday
9.30am breakfast
12:00-16:00 Only for women*: Workshops for non-citizen women* and supporters* at Helmut
17:00-20:00 Rally and Demonstration„WOMEN*AREHERE! UNITED AGAINST DEPORTATIONS“ at Ausländerbehörde Leipzig, Technisches Rathaus, Prager Str. 118-136, 04317 Leipzig
21:00 Party

25/7 Wednesday
9.30am breakfast
11:00-13:00 Only for women*: Evaluation meeting at Helmut
1pm lunch
Leave towards Nuremberg after lunch


25/7 Wednesday
Arrival in the evening

26/7 Thursday
Lager visit in Bamberg
Empowerment workshop against deportation  for women in Bamberg

27/7 Friday
Rally in front of BAMF with press
12am Departure to Regensburg.


27.7. Friday
Arrival in Regensburg from Nuremberg: 1 pm or 2 pm
“Lagertour”: 3-7 pm -> visiting 5 refugee camps in Regensburg
→ Dahlienweg 2a Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung Bajuwarenstraße in former military complex with some new buildings (800 places). no access for guests in big numbers. always ID control at entry.
→GU Dieselstraße
→GU Zeißstraße 9
→GU Guerickestraße
→ Abschiebelager Zeißstraße 1 in former military houses with barbed wire (600 places).

7/8 pm Dinner
8/9 pm Driving to sleeping places

28.7. Saturday
Breakfast in sleeping places + preparing snacks for the whole day in Deggendorf

Traveling to Deggendorf (if by train: departure at 12.01 o’ clock, arrival at 1.13 pm)
Walking to deportation camp: 5 minutes
Visiting the deportation camp (standing outside; maybe 300 inhabitants -> languages are sierra Leone languages and English, also azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian): 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm

3-6 pm: workshop for women (empowerment workshop against deportation OR workshop concerning reproductive health/rights?)
6.45 pm: train to Regensburg (arrival 7.39 pm)
8 pm: dinner in sleeping places

29.7. Sunday
Breakfast in sleeping places
Cleaning sleeping places, packing luggage etc.
departure: 11 am (to Munich)


29/7 Sunday
12:00 arriving (sub)
Welcome Dancing Flit solidarity
Welcome remarks
13:00 lunch (sub)
14:00 Bellevue networking meeting (with break for snacks)
16:00 workshop stop deportation
18:00 relax
19:00 dinner
20:00 movie 1(10 minuts ) Ugandan lesbian letra
Arezu movie Hazara Women on escape (30 Minuts)
Movie women exile
22:00 soft music for dancing

30/7 Monday
10:00 Meeting
11:00 Starting to go to Erding starting to go to womens-camp in munich
13:00 Pressconference in Erding
13:00 Workshop in womens camp
18:00 Dinner and hanging out together


Freiburg / Basel

Sleeping places will be in Freiburg from 31.7 to 3.8

31/7 Tuesday
Arrival in Freiburg

1/8 Wednesday
Action at the border in Basel

2/8 Thursday
Empowerment Workshop in Freiburg

3/8 Friday
Open discussion about Clima and flight with Climate Games in Basel


4/8 Saturday
13h Lunch
15h Empowerment Workshop


5/8 Sunday
Arrive, dinner and chill out

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