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International women’s week and our 08.03 event in Eiseinhüttenstadt

We took part in the kick-off event of the 33rd Brandenburg Women’s Week (der 33. Brandenburgischen Frauenwochen 2023) on Thursday 2nd March 2023 with the beautiful slogan of “bei uns doch nicht”. But in our speeches marking different events in Berlin and Brandenburg, we did say, “bei uns doch”. This is because of the following facts, which refugees face in Germany and at the European borders:

The number of attacks on refugee shelters in Germany is on the rise again. In 2022, there were at least 121 attacks – an increase of 73% compared to the previous year. So there are many many more! This is a direct consequence of the European war against refugees. We are presented as a threat in parliaments and laws.

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Press release by Women in Exile & Friends on 8.3.23 Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish camps!

On the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day, we invite you on 08.03.2023 from 12:30 to 15:00 clock to our rally in front of the camp in Eisenhüttenstadt. Women in Exile & Friends, supporting groups and individuals will say loud and clear: Abolish Residenzpflicht! No camps for women and children! Abolish all camps!

We have chosen this location because it is where the Central Foreigners Authority of Brandenburg is located and here is the location of the Central Initial Reception Facility for Refugees in Brandenburg. Elizabeth Ngari had contact with women currently living in the initial reception. “We were told that registration is going sluggish. That means no identification, no pocket money, no access to education for children and no procedural progress. In addition, since the pandemic, the county restriction again applies to refugees in Brandenburg’s initial reception centres. After decades of successful struggles for freedom of freedom of movement and against the compulsory residence, this is an enormous step backwards.”

As a refugee women’s group, we lead a feminist campaign against racism and camps for women and children. Through our various platforms, we highlight the harmful effects of community shelters on women, queers, and children publicly. From gender-based violence to sexual assault to post-traumatic Stress Disorder due to fear of deportation and depression due to isolation and lack of perspective. We are also concerned about the increasing number of attacks on refugee shelters in Germany. In the year 2022, there had been at least 121 attacks. That is an increase of 73 percent compared to the previous year. In addition, there are thousands of attacks on refugees.[1] Every day, three victims – according to the police statement! The number of unreported cases must be much higher.

“This is a consequence and part of the European war against refugees. We are being presented in parliaments and laws as a threat,” says Elizabeth Ngari. “We are witnesses to the consistent violation of human rights. The beautiful Mediterranean Sea has become the deadliest border in the world. So has one of the few virgin forests in Europe between Poland and Belarus. It is now crossed by a newly built, hermetically sealed border. When we refugees finally make it to Europe, we experience these disgusting little racist laws designed to make us small and keep us out! Every day we have to stand up to deportations, racism and sexism. Really, enough is enough! We are fed up! And we say STOP to this discriminatory treatment on all levels! We demand participation, justice and safe living conditions! We demand respect for the rights of women and queers. We demand fair procedures for all refugees, that respect human dignity!”

No camps for women and children! Abolish all camps!


Press contact 015212874966

[1] Vgl. Neues Deutschland: Mehr Anschläge auf Flüchtlingsunterkünfte, Matthias Monroy, vom 02.03.2023.

Health care for all without discrimination!

During our “Summer Bus tour 2021” in north Deutschland, one of our stops was Bremen.
In Bremen, we met refugee women from “TogetherweareBremen, a group of refugee women
fighting for the right to Birth Certificates for their children. whom we got into contact with,
before the tour.
We held a peer-orientated empowerment workshop where we discussed together the
possibilities of claiming the rights to obtain birth certificates of our children born in this
country by challenging asylum laws and demanding our children’s rights.
We later participated in a podium discussion on health and maternal rights, which Medibüro, Bremen, organised. It was very sad to listen to women living in different parts of
Germany who have and were experiencing the same problems with discrimination of the
identity of their children and health rights. It shows how the asylum laws are discriminative
and racist.
Here is a video of the discussion that took place;


Every year, W.i.E&F holds a summer action about our fight and demand ” NO LAGER FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN”. In this regard, last year we did a Bus tour to northern Germany where we visited different lagers to ascertain the current situation and bring to light the current situation of women and children in these Lagers. We carried the motto “Women moving against Lagers and Racism” as we brought our voices to these different places and served as a tool to make public what we know to be true to the public. With this, we filmed a documentary showcasing the different places and talked with the women from their points of view. 

We hope this Documentary will serve its purpose as a call for all to denounce the Racist Lager system.


Report From our visit with Women from Cecosesola

On the 29th of August, we W.I.E&F had the pleasure of hosting Ana Maria and Ana Mildred from Cecosesola (Central Cooperativa de Servicios Sociales del Estado Lara), a non-hierarchical solidary of cooperatives in Venezuela at our space in Hermannstr 22. They were in Germany for an exchange programme that takes place every two years and this is the third time they are having an exchange with Germany.

They also participated in our International conference that took place from the 4th to the 7th of August. The reason for this meeting was not only to visit with each other but to also exchange experiences in our fields of work. The meeting was arranged by our good network from Ulenkrug who among others were hosting them After a few good laughs, we were able to listen to them with the help of three translators who translated from English to Spanish and vice-versa.

Cecosesola is 54 years old, born out of necessity. They work in the cultivation of food and its distribution. Providing the food that they cultivate to the poorer communities at a lower price than the current market Price. They have 26 selling points with the major parts being open from Wednesday to Saturday which makes distribution the most significant part.

They provide Health care services in which a Health Centre was built in 2007. For this to be realised, they were able to get an interest-free loan from a cooperative since they could not afford a bank loan. 

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