Covid-19 Pandemic & refugee camps

Events are being cancelled all over the country, schools are closed, authorities advise people to move away from crowded rooms to keep away.

But this information and discussions are in German language. Refugees who have only a limited understanding of the German language are dependent on social media or friends in order to be informed. The refugees from the camps in Eisenhüttenstadt, Wünsdorf, Doberlug-Kirchhain and of course from all others, smaller homes in Berlin/Brandenburg, don´t get the seriousness of the situation from reliable sources.

To date, the authorities have not provided the refugees with any information about the handling of Covid-19 in the camps. In dealing with the pandemic in the camps, the refugees have neither a say nor is their transparency from the officials.

The Covid-19 pandemic will affect refugees in the camps on a massive scale.

Refugees in Germany, access to health care is hindered by the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz, that discriminates them: first
social authorities are consulted on whether medical bills are paid.
In Suhl/Türingen, the entire initial reception facility
quarantined after one confirmed case of corona infection
(about 500 people). This will be fatal to the health of many people.

Economic health crises can increase authoritarianism and the Scapegoat search – the racist attacks on us Refugees will rise if no intervention is made. Do European governments think about the consequences that arise when someone from these vulnerable groups tested positive for Covid-19?
Refugees live in mass accommodation throughout Europe. Despite the pandemic there are still deportations to some European countries.
Police and right wing groups at the border between Turkey and Greece shall use all means necessary to remove refugees from crossing the border.

Government politicians – instead of talking about the immediate evacuation of the camps and access to statutory health insurance – think first about the economic Consequences of the pandemic. Europeans complain that Trump does not allow them to travel to the USA, but only allows the to permit the movement of goods. That’s what we refugees from the global south experience from the global north for a long time. We are denied freedom of movement, but the free flow of goods is approved.

It it’s time to widen the #neighborhood challenge. Not only white, German neighbours* have the right to care and Health, also refugees.

Therefore we, Women in Exile & Friends demand:

  • Multilingual information, transparency of the authorities and the right of the refugees to have a say in initial receptions centers and other camps.
  • As fast as possible, decentralized accommodation and closing of the camps
  • access to the statutory health insurance
  • unconditional basic income.

All this would change the current situation to the better.

Press contact: Women in Exile
Phone: 01521 3070280 /

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