Hand in Hand Against Racism

Women in Exile and Friends are one of signatories of the “Hand in Hand” statement.

This is why we will join the hand in hand democracy rally on the 03.02.2024 outside the Parliament. We want to demand the right to asylum, which is slowly being killed not only by the right wing but also by the middle and green political parties. There is a competition in political parties of who can enforce deportations more smoothly or quickly.

As we condemn the rising popularity of the AfD and its racist policies, we believe that the “Ampel” government should be held accountable for their contribution of the state of the current political climate. If the Parliament decides to discriminate against asylum seekers, to deprive them of their dignity by giving them vouchers instead of cash, to deport them indiscriminately and to detain them in GEAS camps at the EU borders, this is an intellectual basis for the right-wing groups to manipulate society. The AfD is just fuelling what the ruling parties have been proposing as reforms to migration politics. Instead of mass deportation for those who are considered as having no right to asylum, the AfD goes a step further of deporting all those who are not “German” enough.

The trend to gain votes on the back of immigrants and refugees should stop. The ruling parties should go back to their drawing boards and find out what is wrong with their policies. For the last couple of years, the citizens feel their lives and life styles are being threatened by refugees. The refugees are always the easiest target to blame for all the problems in the society. The current government has succeded by all means in pushing for harsh politicies to build a fortress Europe, which will see refugee imprisoned at the borders. The reasons for flight are not addressed and how the developed countries are contributing to the effects which forces people to leave their home countries.

Women in Exile and Friends, a group of refugee women* and women* in solidarity demand:

-Right to asylum!!

-No deportations!!

-Right to come, right to go, and right to stay!!!

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