03.08 Basel Breaking Border Action!!

On the 03.8, some of us volunteered to cross the border and go to Switzerland to meet with the Climate Games group. This group composed of women who were risking to cross with no papers and others, who could cross the border legally.

This was to fulfil one of the orignal idea of the „Women Breaking Borders“ bus tour, to cross the border illegally and connect our movements because we see climate changes as one oft he flight reasons and migration.

We got at Paptal in Basel around 3pm, and found the organisers starting to build the camp but they stopped this to have a meeting with us. Both sides were apologetic because oft he miscommunication with the dates. This was very encouraging for us because they were very welcoming in spite of their busy schedule.

We had a promt meeting which later turned into a workshop. They promised us to pass the information and outcome of our discussion to the other participants in the camp and probably give it a slot in their big discussions.


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