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Viral fonds

Covid-19 in Doberlug-Kirchhain – we demand the immediate closure of this camp

It has been a question of when and not if, corona virus would find its way to lagers in Brandenburg too. Separate containers have been set on the compounds and some of the refugees have been under quarantine. The first three cases from the refugees who have been quaranted in Doberlug-Kirchhain have now tested positive. The refugees are now living in fear and scared of their lives because they are aware, there is very little they can do to prevent themselves of being infected with the covid-19.

So far, they are supposed to wear masks, each has been presented with one because they aren`t more in the moment. They are still allowed to go into the city, if necessary but only in a group of two persons. They have been warned of being fined if the police finds them breaking the social distance law of 1,5m. The camp will not be in quarantine as a whole unless many refugees in the camp test positive.

Organisations working with refugees have been demanding for the closure of lagers for many years and the demands have got intensified since the break of the covid-19. Press releases from different organisations in Berlin and Brandenburg and German wide have been focusing on the closure of the camps and moving the refugees to alternative spaces. After police invaded the dention camp in Suhl (Thüringen), it was obvious for the refugees no solution could be found. Physical distancing is impossible in the often crowded way they are accommodated and the sharing of the amenities such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens or dining halls.

Doberlug-Kirchhain should be closed immediately! Close all Camps!!

Social Distance is a privilege

Though Corona virus has proven that there is no race but human beings. We still realise that the protection measures are not for everybody. In the camps, it is very obvious that “Social Distancing is Privilege” This is why our “No Lager for Women and children!, Abolish all lagers” is still very present. http://PM 01.04.2020_Unterbringung von Flüchtlingen während Corona-Pandemie.pdf

We have already pointed that information in different languages are lacking in the camps. starting our video empowerment campaign for women to share their experience and situation they are going through at the moment.

It is very obvious, it is impossible to follow the “social distancing” rules because in the camps, sharing of social amenities such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchen/dining halls. We will keep sharing this information with you regularly.

Video Workshops

We, Women in Exile & Friends, will exchange information about the Corona crisis together with the women in the Camps, accompany and empower each other. We will do this digital.

That is what we want to do:

  • We share our knowledge about free and easily accessible video conferencing facilities in telephone conversations. Since there is very often no Wlan in the rooms, we will need money for the mobile data of the women.
  • We break the isolation by sharing knowledge. The women lived in isolation in the camps even before the “social-distancing” through Corona. We want to empower ourselves to demand solid information, transparency and the right to have a say from the authorities.
  • We exchange information on preventive measures to prevent or slow down the spread of the corona virus. Even though we realise that this is impossible in overcrowded camps. The problem is a structural one and cannot be solved by washing hands. Racism and mass housing is the problem and this can now have catastrophic consequences.

The first part of the campaign will be to contact the women by telephone, explaining to them how to take part in a video conferencing workshop.

The second part will be the digital workshop where we will discuss the impact of the Corona crisis in the refugee community.

International Women Day 2020 : „We fight together”

Marching with our allies in Potsdam, on Saturday the 07.03.20. Celebrating International day for women with the motto „We fight together”.

The activities on this day were as diverse and corouful as the alliances. We read speeches, celebrated and honoured past women* hereoes who died through femicide or racism. We made our voices loud by shouting slogans, dancing and singing.

After the demonstration and the opening of our new space on the 08.3, we diceded to reflect personally on this years International Women’s day 2020 theme: „I AM GENERATIONAL EQUALITY: realizing women`s rights“.

Taking into account that feminism is diverse and we fight together, means looking and acknowledging each other because we have different fights and different experiences.

This is why, we asked some of the women* from our group; what fighting together on gender equality individually means to them:

Fighting together on gender equality ….

….is fighting for the equal access with ease of ressources and opportunities regardless of one being male or female.“ (E.)

…is to empower women, with a focus on identifying and redressing power inbalances and giving women more autonomy to manage their own lives.“ (L.)

… means that our diversity is one of our strenghts and that we are united in our journey towards justice.“ (M.)

… means to fight for equality in all aspectects of life and against all forms of oppression and acknowledge how they are interconnected.“ ( Ch.)

… means fighting for more chances for women in all areas, creating space for women in the decision making table. It also means that women are able to explore and express their femininity without fear of sexual assault or constriction.“ (S.)

…is the struggle against the colonisation of our bodies, our minds, our people and territories. There can be no struggle for equality if there is no struggle against racism.“ (D.)

… is freeing our minds and knowing we can do what we love without fear of being dominated by any other gender, regardless of my gender.“ (C.)

Covid-19 Pandemic & refugee camps

Events are being cancelled all over the country, schools are closed, authorities advise people to move away from crowded rooms to keep away.

But this information and discussions are in German language. Refugees who have only a limited understanding of the German language are dependent on social media or friends in order to be informed. The refugees from the camps in Eisenhüttenstadt, Wünsdorf, Doberlug-Kirchhain and of course from all others, smaller homes in Berlin/Brandenburg, don´t get the seriousness of the situation from reliable sources.

To date, the authorities have not provided the refugees with any information about the handling of Covid-19 in the camps. In dealing with the pandemic in the camps, the refugees have neither a say nor is their transparency from the officials.

The Covid-19 pandemic will affect refugees in the camps on a massive scale.

Refugees in Germany, access to health care is hindered by the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz, that discriminates them: first
social authorities are consulted on whether medical bills are paid.
In Suhl/Türingen, the entire initial reception facility
quarantined after one confirmed case of corona infection
(about 500 people). This will be fatal to the health of many people.

Economic health crises can increase authoritarianism and the Scapegoat search – the racist attacks on us Refugees will rise if no intervention is made. Do European governments think about the consequences that arise when someone from these vulnerable groups tested positive for Covid-19?
Refugees live in mass accommodation throughout Europe. Despite the pandemic there are still deportations to some European countries.
Police and right wing groups at the border between Turkey and Greece shall use all means necessary to remove refugees from crossing the border.

Government politicians – instead of talking about the immediate evacuation of the camps and access to statutory health insurance – think first about the economic Consequences of the pandemic. Europeans complain that Trump does not allow them to travel to the USA, but only allows the to permit the movement of goods. That’s what we refugees from the global south experience from the global north for a long time. We are denied freedom of movement, but the free flow of goods is approved.

It it’s time to widen the #neighborhood challenge. Not only white, German neighbours* have the right to care and Health, also refugees.

Therefore we, Women in Exile & Friends demand:

  • Multilingual information, transparency of the authorities and the right of the refugees to have a say in initial receptions centers and other camps.
  • As fast as possible, decentralized accommodation and closing of the camps
  • access to the statutory health insurance
  • unconditional basic income.

All this would change the current situation to the better.

Press contact: Women in Exile
Phone: 01521 3070280 /

Opening of the Women in Exile & Friends New Safe Space

On Sunday, March 8th in Hermannstr 22, we inaugurated our Space.

The ceremony started at 6 p.m. At 7 p.m. the ribbon-cutting ceremony to enter the new space was simply wonderful. We had a welcoming speech and a huge thanks to all those who participated in renovating the space and in the organization of the celebration.

This space represents a major achievement for the activities of our organization.

The inauguration was highlighted by the presence of female activists, women of different religions, friends, neighbors and refugee women from various Landkreise of Berlin & Brandenburg. 

And this new space has been very welcome into our organization.

We are going to use this room for our various meetings, internal with our group and external with our anti-racist and feminist networks . We will organize workshops about empowerment, health, education of refugee women, and how to include newcomers into the German society.

There also will be a weekly legal councelling for refugee women by the refugee law clinic Berlin and we are going to organize Küfas, political events and other activities for the well-being of refugee women, the neighbor hood and all interested people from the civil society.

This opening ceremony of our new space matched with the date of March 8th, the International Women’s Day, and was a great success.

We thank all those who contributed and support us on the way to reaching our goals.

International Women’s Day

The International Women`s Day history is celebrated for different reasons in different regions. This is why, we from Women in Exile and Friends will this year, like every year, reclaim the streets with other feminist groups because we are many, we are strong and we fight together.

We join women, lesbians, inter*, trans* & non-binary people around the world, take to the streets and fight for our rights against all kinds of discrimination and violence.

We live in a patriarchal society with male dominated structure where women are discriminated socially and politically. We call for participation feminist and solidarity men along with the women on this day. Together we will make the world will be a better place.

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PM “We fight together” Demonstration for International Women’s Day

We invite you to our Demonstration on 07.03.2020 celebrating International Women`s Day in Potsdam. The meeting point is at Hbf Potsdam Nord / Babelsbergerstr. at 13.30h – from there we head towards Filmmuseum, Luisenplatz, Nauener Tor until Platz der Einheit

We from Women in Exile and Friends, together with our alliances in Potsdam, will be marching on the streets on Saturday the 07.03.20 with the motto „We fight together”.

We are many and fight together: we are refugees, black and women* of colour,lesbians, inter*, trans*, non-binary people and  take the advantage of the international women`s days  to go to the streets and fight for our rights against all kinds of discrimination and violence.

We will get loud for all the injustices and inhuman treatment as we witness the physcial violation of refugee on the Turkey, Greece border while the politicians from both sides are talking of deals and money.

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Invitation to the “Testimonials from the uterus” film about health care for refugee women

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On Friday, 21 February 2020 at 7.30 pm our History Salon in the Beginenhof Erkelenzdamm 51/ common room – 10999 Berlin will be dealing with a current topic: “Testimonials from the uterus” Film about the health care for refugee women by and with Women in Exile and among others with Petra Bentz from the Feminist Women’s Health Centre e.V. in Berlin

In the film, three refugee women talk about their different experiences with their health problems and how the health system treats them as asylum seekers. Experts who support refugees also share their thoughts on what it means to be a non-citizen in order to gain access to the German health system. The film lasts about 30 minutes and is in German, or with German subtitles.

Women from the initiative of Women in Exile, which was founded in Brandenburg in 2002 to fight for their rights, will come to us from Potsdam, show the film, report on their work and be available for discussion (Moderation: Gisela Notz)

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Judgement on the „paper airplane trial“

The verdict of the now popular „paper airplanes trial“ was finally delivered on 03.01.2020.

On these „paper airplanes“ we had written our usual demands like “no Lager”, because of the physical and sexual violation we are facing daily there and to „stop deportations“, which in most cases are violently carried out.

From this judgement it is clear how the court is pretentious giving the fine to a women shelter to show solidarity to women while criminalising and taking rights of refugee women to assemble. This shows how the system is pitting us against the rest of the society. It is meant to distract and diminish refugee women´s issues by restricting our right of assembly.

It is ironical when a judge takes money from a supporter of one vunerable group and giving it to the other so as to seem to be supporting vunerable women in the society. These papers carried the messages of our usual demand and nothing more. This is very clear in various media reports such as:,