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Justice for Rita!

Tuesday, 27.08.19, 14:30

Rally in front of the Brandenburg Ministry of Interior in Potsdam-
Henning-von-Tresckow-Str. (10 Min. walking from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof)

On 7th of April 019, our sister Rita Awour Ojunge, disappeard leaving behind two small kids. She was 32 years old, from Kenya and had been living in Germany for more than 7 years in the Lager of Hohenleipisch. It took the police 3 months to discover her remains in the forest near the Lager. Even to start looking for her despite the reports of many of her friends and neighbors, it took a call from Berlin police to make the Brandenburg police to even start looking for her seriously. Up to date no details surrounding the circumstances of her death were released officially.

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Climate Change is a flight reason

On Friday 9th August, Women in Exile gave a workshop at the Climate Camp Leipzig which took part from 03.-.12.08 from a refugee’s women perspective.  We shared how we see climate changes as one of the flight reasons leading to migration.  

The reasons vary from land- & water grabbing, the destruction and change of eco-systems. Labour and resources exploitation are also factors contributing to climate changes and affecting people’s lives leading to migration and flight.

 This was followed up by discussions on concrete examples from cash crops e.g. the flower industry in Kenya which supplies 80% of the European market, tropical deforestation in African countries and the role of multinational companies.

On how to connect our fights, work together and be part of an international movement against climate injustice, we looked for answers to the question of what practical steps the climate movements should take into consideration in solidarity with the African countries.

Part of the call on the Leipzig Climate camp was that; “the fight for climate justice cannot be fought, without pushing back on racism and fascism. Therefore, the main focus of this year’s climate camp will be anti-racism and anti-fascism”.  

Short film

Opening Speech – Building Bridges Festival

We, Women in Exile & Friends from Berlin/Brandenburg welcome all of you to our “Building Bridges” festival. We welcome you together with sisters from Stimme der Frauen from Magdeburg, FLIT Solidarity Africa from Munich, Frauen in Aktion from Göttingen , NINA from Hamburg, Activists from Halle, Nürnberg, Kiel, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Sachsen-Anhalt and refugee women* from all over Germany. Welcome!

This festival will take place for the next three days here in Oranienplatz, a square which is of historic significance for the self-organized refugee movement in Germany. As some might know in 2012, seven years ago, refugees marched by foot from Bavaria to Berlin. Right here, they set up a protest camp to protest against the oppression of refugees in Germany.

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Festival’s program

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Last INFOS Building Bridges Festival 26.-28.07

The building Bridges Festival starts tomorrow on Friday at 12°° noon, we
are excited and looking forward to having you. So far over 150 women and
60 children have officially registered and many more are requesting for
participating through telephone calls and emails.

How to arrive:
The festival is taking place at “Oranienplatz” , 10999 Berlin

From Berlin Hauptbahnhof take Sbahn to Janowitzbrücke then Ubahn 8 to
Moritzplatz. Form there 5 min walk (see map attached).
On arrival please report straight at the info table and from here you
will get all the information about the festival.

We  are Still looking for people who can help us out with farsi
translation, if you can do so please present yourself at the info table.

For any questions, here is the number of our Info Telephone: 01521
(also whatsApp)

If you have the possibility, please bring a bed sheet.

We are excited and looking forward to seeing you all!

Your Building Bridges Orga Team

PM: “Brücken Bauen”-Festival: Ein Protestcamp von geflüchteten Frauen* am Oranienplatz

Wir laden Sie herzlich ein zu unserer Pressekonferenz anlässlich des
"Brücken Bauen"-Festivals am 25.07.2019 um 10:30 im Aquarium, Skalitzer
Straße 6 10999 Berlin

Nach Schwierigkeiten, eine Genehmigung für unser Protestcamp zu bekommen, das in Form eines Festivals vom 26.-28.07. auf dem Oranienplatz stattfinden wird, haben uns die Kreuzberger Behörden endlich die Erlaubnis erteilt. Es ist bedauernswert, dass wir von einer Kreuzberger Politiker*in der Grünen nicht unterstützt wurden, obwohl die Polizei und schon die Genehmigung für eine Kundgebung erteilt hatte. Dass wir nun die Erlaubnis haben, ist dem Einsatz von Women in Exile and Friends, Gruppen, einzelnen Unterstützer*innen und einigen Nachbar*innen zu verdanken.

Diese Mühen waren keine Überraschung in Anbetracht der neuen Asylgesetze, die kürzlich veranschiedet wurden. Der Oranienplatz ist seit 2012 ein Symbol des Widerstandes, als die Flüchtlingsbewegung durch ganz Deutschland marschierte; wir liefen damals von Potsdam bis zum Oranienplatz mir. Wir liefen zusammen, waren Teil der Demonstrationen, Treffen und Workshops. Zu jener Zeit war die feministische Perspektive nicht sehr präsent, aber jetzt kommen wir zurück, um die Situation von geflüchteten Frauen* und ihren Kämpfen sichtbar zu machen.

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To Rita, our sister: R.I.P!

The refugees living in the refugee camp of Hohenleipisch (Landkreis Elbe-Elster), run by the company „Human Care“, are in shock, angry and disappointed. A Kenyan woman who had been living there for several years disappeared more than 2 months ago and after all this time, here remains we recently found in the bushes just in the same area the German police claimed to be looking for her.

This is a clear picture of the negligence and racism that has been denounced by refugees living there for so many years but has been falling on deaf ears. It shows without doubt how insecure and dangerous the so-called “Wohnheim” run by “Human Care” is, especially for women* and children. We also see the fact that Rita disappeared within the premises despite the camp having security personnel who are supposed to protect the people living there.

The camp is situated in the middle of a jungle with no neighbors around in the area which makes it very easy for any criminal to perform crimes unnoticed. We demand that this camp will be closed with immediate effect and everybody will relocated.

This place is not safe for people to live in! The local newspaper also reported on the issue:

Now online donation!

Donations aswell as a sustaining membership are the basis which help us carrying out our work in a long-term and sustainable manner.

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Stress, depression and trauma – Psychological Health for Refugee women

Our last health seminar was facilitated by experts for migrants and refugees from KommMit who offer psychological counseling for refugees in Berlin/Brandenburg.

Many women came with a lot of questions such as: can dizziness and sleeping problems be a psychological problem? I have a lot of stress and problems -What can I do ? How can I help somebody else? What can one do if psycho-therapy doesn’t help?

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