“No Borders_No Lagers” Festival – Intersectional Empowerment Arts and Cultural Festival at Oplatz 23.-25.08.2024

To keep the rhythm of our annual summer events in our Breaking Borders to Build Bridges theme, this summer we invite national and international guests to participate in our intersectional empowerment arts and culture festival. Women in Exile works for the abolition of the camps and against discrimination of women*/ LGBTINQ*+, living in the camps. The group is open to the diversity of different ways of life/identities, and organizes workshops on gender empowerment on a regular basis. Queer and disabled people are active in the group, but there is room for improvement. Trans refugees have not yet been permanently integrated into the group.

With our festival in collaboration with House of Kal, we want to challenge cis* and hetero-normative attitudes. Through awareness-raising workshops, exhibitions, murals, workshops, stage activities (dance, music, theater, panel discussions) and many other activities, together with anti-racist, BiPoC and migrant groups, we want to stand up for the visibility of LGBTINQ*+ and queer realities in our movement and work together for the abolition of camps.

Especially in these times of populist policies, where racist asylum laws and deportation plans are being passed by the government, and racism and repression against migrant and BiPoC groups is on the rise in society, we will not let ourselves be defeated! This unique festival is a celebration of diversity, inclusivity and empowerment through the medium of arts and culture. Over the course of three days, you will have the opportunity to engage with a variety of performances, workshops and discussions led by local and international guests.

The festival will turn the square into a centre of creativity and inspiration, with a wide range of challenging, inspiring and empowering activities. Our Intersectional Empowerment Summer Arts and Cultural Festival is more than just an event – it’s a platform for voices from different backgrounds to be heard, for different stories to be shared, and for communities to come together in a celebration of unity in diversity. Together, let’s celebrate diversity, promote understanding and empower each other through the power of arts and culture.

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