IWS and WiE at the NSU Tribunal in Cologne

19.05.2017, 13-16 Uhr: Sexisms and Racism
Akademie der Künste der Welt, Cologne

Women of color have to defend themselves against racism as well as sexism. They are fighting against patriarchal role models and the racist suspicion “their” community was per se misogynous. Which impact had (and has) the NSU-terror on the struggles of refugee women? Are there similarities, continuities and differences in the racisms percieved by refugee women and to what the family members of the victims of the NSU had to go through during the investigations after the murder of their husbands, brothers, sons? According to their experience – what is necessary to further develop anti-sexist and anti-racists politics? How can we link the different struggles?


Foto: nsu-tribunal.de

In the workshop, feminist groups working from a migrant perspective will address gender politics, racism and the connection to the NSU-complex. The workshop participants will exchange their political practices, discuss centraö questions and political strategies and reflect on the coming neccessary political strategies and demands.

Taking part: International Women Space, Agisra, Women in Exile
The number of participants is limited. Please register through workshop_rassismus_sexismus@nsu-tribunal.de

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