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Distance and hygiene rules for W.i.E.& F – meetings

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1. if you or your child has cold symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat, diarrhoea…), has tested positive for Covid 19 or has had contact with someone who has tested positive, please do not attend the meeting
2. maintain a minimum distance of 1,5 metres
3. if the minimum distance cannot be maintained, please wear a mask
3. indoor areas should always be adequately ventilated
4. sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief – and then dispose of the handkerchief in a waste bin
5. wash your hands for 20 seconds: a) when you come in from outside, b) after blowing your nose / sneezing / coughing, c) before going to the kitchen, d) before eating, e) after going to the toilet
6. please use the disinfectant provided
7. All participants* must leave their name and contact details
8. With my signature I confirm that I have read and accept the rules
Stay healthy!

Continue reading Distance and hygiene rules for W.i.E.& F – meetings

Women in Exile at the Asylmonologues

It was a great honor for us women in exile and friends to get a platform where we discussed and exchanged ideas with other groups and supporters about the ongoing refugee struggles especially women and children within this society. The play on this evening represented by the asylmonologue was a full collection of the day to day problems and struggles of asylum seekers in Germany.
It was a great job to reach different refugees with different background and stories concerning migration,to bring them to the open through theater play and letting what is less heard to be known. We hope this will continue and the voices will be heard by many people as possible as we continue to make our demands and fight for our rights. If you would like to invite the theater to your city you can reach them through their email:

Ein Rückblick auf die Arbeit von Women in Exile im Jahr 2017- mit Ausblick!

Seit Jahren unterstützt Women in Exile kontinuierlich Flüchtlingsfrauen dabei, im Kampf um ihre Rechte im Asylverfahren Perspektiven zu entwickeln und sich selbst gegen sexualisierte Gewalt, Diskriminierung und Isolation zu verteidigen. Durch unsere Peer-Education Seminare und Workshops und durch unsere Aktionen werden geflüchtete Frauen empowert, sich gegen die Gesetze einzusetzten, die sie aus der Gesellschaft ausschließen. Momentan geben mehr als 10 geflüchtete Frauen selbst Workshops und Präsentation; allein oder zusammen mit solidarischen Aktivistinnen ohne Fluchtgeschichte.

Durch unsere Aktivitäten haben wir in verschiedenen Städten in ganz Deutschland Netzwerke gesponnen und viele Flüchtlingsfrauen haben begonnen, selbst Netzwerke zu gründen oder uns danach zu fragen, wie sie in ihrer Region Ähnliches aufbauen können. Das Ziel der Selbstorganisierung als Flüchtlingsfrauen ist, die diskriminierenden Asylgesetze aus einer Frauenperspektive zu bekämfen, die von der Lebensrealität der Flüchtlingsfrauen ausgeht und die sich klar gegen Rassismus und Sexismus positioniert. Dieses Jahr haben wir sowohl in Brandenburg als auch bundesweit Empowerment-Workshops veranstaltet. In regionalen und bundesweiten Treffen haben wir die große bundesweite “Women* Breaking Borders” Konferenz mit über 300 Teilnehmerinnen organisiert, die im September 2017 in Berlin stattfand. Ein spezieller Anlass für die Konferenz war das 15-jährige Bestehen von Women in Exile. Die teilnehmenden Frauen* und Kinder waren begeistert und wünschten sich bald wieder so eine Konferenz.

In unserer Arbeit begegnen uns in letzter Zeit mehr und mehr Herausforderungen, da die Asylgesetze permanent verschärft werden und der Druck auf Geflüchtete steigt. Die europäische Abschottungspolitik von Grenzschließungen bis zu dreckigen Deals mit autoritären Regierungen in Asien und Afrika führ dazu, dass täglich Flüchtlinge sterben und auf ihrem Weg richtung Europa traumatisiert werden. Continue reading Ein Rückblick auf die Arbeit von Women in Exile im Jahr 2017- mit Ausblick!

Protests against Lagers continue II

Still, a refugee woman and her family are fighting in Teltow for shelter that does not violate their human dignity. Here you can find a detailed article in English. Again and again, women report security personal threatening them. In Teltow, you can also find this as reported in the article:

“Things here are getting worse every day,” says Halima. “They are threatening us.”

A few days before we met, someone switched off the family’s electricity supply. In the altercation that followed, between the family and the Hausmeister (building janitor), a security guard from the building next door physically assaulted Halima’s husband.

Later that day, the same man sprayed toxic insulation foam around the door of their room while the family cowered inside.

“A while afterwards, he came inside the room and wouldn’t leave,” Halima told me. “When we asked him his name, he called himself ‘the Hunter’.”

IWS and WiE at the NSU Tribunal in Cologne

19.05.2017, 13-16 Uhr: Sexisms and Racism
Akademie der Künste der Welt, Cologne

Women of color have to defend themselves against racism as well as sexism. They are fighting against patriarchal role models and the racist suspicion “their” community was per se misogynous. Which impact had (and has) the NSU-terror on the struggles of refugee women? Are there similarities, continuities and differences in the racisms percieved by refugee women and to what the family members of the victims of the NSU had to go through during the investigations after the murder of their husbands, brothers, sons? According to their experience – what is necessary to further develop anti-sexist and anti-racists politics? How can we link the different struggles?



In the workshop, feminist groups working from a migrant perspective will address gender politics, racism and the connection to the NSU-complex. The workshop participants will exchange their political practices, discuss centraö questions and political strategies and reflect on the coming neccessary political strategies and demands.

Taking part: International Women Space, Agisra, Women in Exile
The number of participants is limited. Please register through

Women in Exile wird lauter, jetzt auf Video

IMAG0115Am 28. Mai 2016 hat Women in Exile einen Workshop für geflüchtete Frauen durchgeführt. Zehn Frauen, die aktiv dabei sind, haben an diesem Workshop teilgenommen. Der Workshop ist Teil der Vorbereitung zu unserer Sommerbustour, die vom 24.07 bis 14.08. 2016 stattfinden wird. Dieses Jahr haben wir beschlossen ein Videotagebuch zu machen, um unsere Erfahrungen während der Tour zu dokumentieren.

Der Workshop begann mit der Frage: Warum will ich an diesem Workshop teilnehmen? Continue reading Women in Exile wird lauter, jetzt auf Video

Stop justifying the tightening of your racists asylum-laws and deportations in the name of womens*rights! Ensemble contre le racisme, la discrimination et le sexisme!

DemoBerlinvsViolenceWomen25Nov2015-0059The incidents that took place on new year`s eve in Köln are unacceptable to all women*, or better said to all human beings on this earth, regardless of their colour, their religion or origin. What happened in Köln should not be dealt or talked about as if this would be the only case that has happened in this so-called civilized society. Violence against women* appears in many different kinds, and of all over the world men are practicing it on a daily basis, and also German men are perpetrators. In the same time only the fewest sexual assaults or attacks and the fewest rapes that are happening in this society are avenged, and much less prosecuted. To deport refugees in order to „protect“ women* is as absurd and insincere as fighting wars in the name of womens*rights. What this actually means for the population one can see from what is happening in Afghanistan right now: even more dead people and deconstruction.

Since a long time we are trying to bring the topic of sexual and physical violence and harrasment against refugee women* in the Lagers to public attention. Since more than ten years we have been fighting for our demands that refugee women* and children should be accommodated in private flats and that all lagers should be abolished. We have enough reasons for our demands, such as for example the lack of privacy, sexual violence and harassment. Refugee women* have to face sexual harassment and racism on an everyday basis, inside as well as outside of the Lagers. Not only men, who happen to be refugees as well, are perpetrators, but also German men are – inside as well as outside of the Lagers. So far our actions and demands concerning the issues of sexual violence and harassment against refugee women* have not been given much public attention. But all of a sudden we are listening to a lot of people talking about the incidents that happened in Köln – no matter if we are watching the news or listening discussions and arguments inside of public transports. Refugee women* are „women*“ who are living in this society and their predicament-like situation should be taken into account when we are talking about these topics! The violence against refugee women* needs to be contextualized instead of being used as a justification for discrimination and racism in our society. At this point there shouldn‘t be a separation made between Refugee women* and German women*!

We have never claimed, that this is a so-called „cultural “problem or that of „a particular group of people“. In fact sexual violence against women* does not care about (does not know/ does not exclude?) any nationality, religion or class. The way this incidence is being populace one does not need eye glasses to see that what happened in Köln is being functionalized, that is an excuse for criminalization of refugees and for legitimation of deportations. In fact this debate is not about women*. Continue reading Stop justifying the tightening of your racists asylum-laws and deportations in the name of womens*rights! Ensemble contre le racisme, la discrimination et le sexisme!

End of Year Women in Exile celebration for refugee women, children and friends

From the beginning Women in Exile found there was a need for refugee women and their children to celebrate at the end of the year. Give presents to the children, eat together and be merry with friends. To some this is important because it reminds them of their traditions of good times in their home countries and to the others it is a part of intergrating into the new culture of holiday mood. It is also the possibility for women from different Heim to meet, exchange ideas and catch up with the work of women in Exile. This is is an opportunity for us to meet new refugee and non refugee women interested in our work.
This year we were lucky to have refugee women from other states such as Bayern, Mekllenburg Vorpermman, Anthalt Sachsen. That means we should not only network with refugee women only for demos, tours and conferences but also to celebrate with us.
This year was no exceptional as the women met in Berlin in a project house where we held a festive party. We had lots of fun, presentation of presents for the children, dancing between grown ups and children, and more importantly food and drinks!

Women in Exile bei der Siegessäule!


Die neue Ausgabe der Siegessäule wurde im Café Monarch mit einer kleinen Spendenrunde für Women in Exile gefeiert!

Wir stellten während des Bühnenprogramms unsere Arbeit vor. Zwischen Tanz und Party konnten wir Fragen zur neuen Asylgesetzgebung beantworten. Wunderbar!

Women in Exile sagt Danke!

Foto: Sally B.

Heim- Visit in Templin: Some impressions

This is one of the new lagers, which was a former learning institute, and has been turned into a lager and accommodating more people than it has the capacity for. At the moment there are 70 refugees and more are expected. The aim is to renovate the adjoining building and extend the Lager.



We happened to talk to a Syrian woman who has been sharing a room with her husband and two strange men. The two men are from Syria, but are not related to this couple.

Another Syrian old woman is sharing a big room with her two grown up sons, a room which is not lockable.





The door to this room is also used by the other four living in the next room.








All the asylum seekers men and women from the first floor have to go to the basement to shower. Only one person can shower here because there is only one door.