support finding flat for refugee single-mum+baby?

Von: Pato
Betreff: support finding flat for refugee single-mum+baby?
sorry to bother,guess your time is limited, but i don´t really know where to get information…
A friend of mine from Nigeria is living in a “Heim” with her baby, and 4 people more in 1 room. There´s violence and bad conditions, living situation is very difficult, sometime´s she´s afraid using the kitchen.
she is permitted to get a flat, jobcenter will pay. her residency is not permanent here, it´s limited for 6 months again and again…
will not be easy finding a flat on berlins gentrifying market.
how can i support her finding a flat?
any “officials” like diakonie or somebody supporting (refugee) moms and babys??? any hausverwaltung/ landlords recomended? any information-/support-structure in berlin for cases like that?
thanks, pato

Von: Women in Exile and Friends <>

Hi Pato,

yes there are “officials” in Berlin supporting refugees who are searching for flats in Berlin: EJF Berlin – Beratungsstelle “Wohnungen für Flüchtlinge”:
The maybe can also advice the women and you how you can support her.
A lot of information about the general conditions for asylum seekers on the housing market in Berlin you also find here:

Thank you fo your solidaritity and good luck!
All the best,
(Online Redaktion, Women in Exile e.V.)

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