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Report From our visit with Women from Cecosesola

On the 29th of August, we W.I.E&F had the pleasure of hosting Ana Maria and Ana Mildred from Cecosesola (Central Cooperativa de Servicios Sociales del Estado Lara), a non-hierarchical solidary of cooperatives in Venezuela at our space in Hermannstr 22. They were in Germany for an exchange programme that takes place every two years and this is the third time they are having an exchange with Germany.

They also participated in our International conference that took place from the 4th to the 7th of August. The reason for this meeting was not only to visit with each other but to also exchange experiences in our fields of work. The meeting was arranged by our good network from Ulenkrug who among others were hosting them After a few good laughs, we were able to listen to them with the help of three translators who translated from English to Spanish and vice-versa.

Cecosesola is 54 years old, born out of necessity. They work in the cultivation of food and its distribution. Providing the food that they cultivate to the poorer communities at a lower price than the current market Price. They have 26 selling points with the major parts being open from Wednesday to Saturday which makes distribution the most significant part.

They provide Health care services in which a Health Centre was built in 2007. For this to be realised, they were able to get an interest-free loan from a cooperative since they could not afford a bank loan. 

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Exchange – Austausch

This space is meant for refugee women and activists in refugee women issues to leave messages on what is happening in your areas and to exchange information.

  • How is the situation in the “Heims” in your areas?
  • What are the most burning problems affecting refugee women in your area?
  • What information would like to have?
  • What questions would you like to raise to other activists and / or refugee women?

Diese Seite ist ein Raum für den Austausch zwischen Flüchtlingsfrauen* und Aktivistinnen*. Hier könnt ihr Nachrichten darüber schreiben, was in eurer Region passiert und Informationen austauschen.

  • Wie ist die Situation in den „Heimen“ in eurer Region?
  • Was sind die dringendsten Probleme von Flüchtlingsfrauen in eurer Region?
  • Welche Informationen braucht ihr?
  • Welche Fragen wollt ihr anderen Aktivistinnen und/oder Flüchtlingsfrauen stellen?

Contact Form – Kontaktformular

For this reason we provide the following contact form. If your information might be interesting for other activists and / or refugee women, too, we will publish it here. If you don’t want your message to be published, just mention this in your message. You don’t have to give your real name if you don’t want to.

Aus diesem Grund stellen wir das folgende Kontaktformular zur Verfügung. Wenn eure Informationen möglicherweise auch für andere Aktivistinnen und/oder Flüchtlingsfrauen interessant sind, veröffentlichen wir sie hier. Wenn ihr nicht möchtet, dass eure Nachricht veröffentlicht wird, erwähnt das einfach in eurer Nachricht. Ihr müsst nicht euren tatsächlichen Namen angeben, wenn ihr nicht wollt.

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support finding flat for refugee single-mum+baby?

Von: Pato
Betreff: support finding flat for refugee single-mum+baby?
sorry to bother,guess your time is limited, but i don´t really know where to get information…
A friend of mine from Nigeria is living in a “Heim” with her baby, and 4 people more in 1 room. There´s violence and bad conditions, living situation is very difficult, sometime´s she´s afraid using the kitchen.
she is permitted to get a flat, jobcenter will pay. her residency is not permanent here, it´s limited for 6 months again and again…
will not be easy finding a flat on berlins gentrifying market.
how can i support her finding a flat?
any “officials” like diakonie or somebody supporting (refugee) moms and babys??? any hausverwaltung/ landlords recomended? any information-/support-structure in berlin for cases like that?
thanks, pato

Von: Women in Exile and Friends <>

Hi Pato,

yes there are “officials” in Berlin supporting refugees who are searching for flats in Berlin: EJF Berlin – Beratungsstelle “Wohnungen für Flüchtlinge”:
The maybe can also advice the women and you how you can support her.
A lot of information about the general conditions for asylum seekers on the housing market in Berlin you also find here:

Thank you fo your solidaritity and good luck!
All the best,
(Online Redaktion, Women in Exile e.V.)

Anlaufstellen in München, Mannheim und anderswo…

B. fragt uns:
bin an Informationen interessiert. Würde eure Arbeit gerne, insbesondere hier im Raum Mannheim, unterstützen. Wo finde ich Anlaufstellen?
Danke und Gruß,

Weil uns ähnliche Fragen öfter erreichen,veröffentlichen wir hiermit die Anwort:

Wir freuen uns sehr über dein Interesse an unserer Arbeit und daran dich für die Rechte von Flüchtlingsfrauen zu engagieren. Wir arbeiten in Potsdam im Bundesland Brandenburg, treffen uns aber oft in Berlin.
Erste Anlaufstellen für Menschen, die sich für Flüchtinge engagieren wollen, in anderen Bundesländern sind die Landesflüchtlingsräte vor Ort. Du findest sie hier:
Wir kennen wahrscheinlich nicht alle feminstischen Gruppen/Frauenprojekte, die flüchtlingspolitisch aktiv sind. Zur Zeit sind wir mit Projekten oder Gruppen in München, Köln, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Osnabrück, Hannover, Lepzig und Jena vernetzt.
Vielleicht willst du ja eine Gruppe mit gründen? In Heidelberg haben wir vor kurzem einen Workshop gemacht und dort haben sich zumindest zwei Frauen gefunden, die in diese Richtung überlegen. Wir vermitteln gerne den Kontakt!

Herzliche Grüße,
die Online Redaktion

Changes of the ‘Residenzpflicht’ law

Deutsch hier

The amended ‘Residenzpflicht’ law came into force yesterday.

The most important changes:
For refugees with ‘Aufenthaltsgestattung’ the geographical
restriction (restriction of movement) “expires” after three months of
After that they are allowed to move freely within the German territory without a permit.
The obligation to reside in a particular place remains.

Unfortunately, there are many exceptions:

  1. A final conviction because of a criminal offense (no minimum
    penalty or limitation), if it is not because of a violation of
    immigrantion laws.
  2. Violation of the”Betäubungsmittelgesetz” (= drug possession), even if there was no conviction by a court.
  3. If “concrete measures to terminate residence”are imminent. But this should never! be the case with persons with ‘Aufenthaltsgestattung’.

Refugees who fall within these exceptionsare, as usual, at the mercy
of the foreigners authorities.

For refugees with ‘Duldung’, the geographical restriction (restriction of movement) “expires” after three months of stay as well.
At least in theory: Lawyers fear that the claim of foreigners
authorities that “concrete measures to terminate residence” are
imminent will enable the authorities to “tie” refugees arbitrarily to
certain districts at any time – as before.

These things will stay as they were:

  • For asylum seekers in reception centers the stay will remain
    restricted tothe district of the foreigners authority. In
    Brandenburgthis is the Municipality of Eisenhüttenstadt.
  • The absurd and unique rule within the German legal system that violations of the geographical restriction are first considered an administrative offense and, in the event they are repeated, aiminal offense.