Call to a Day of Action for International Solidarity and Mobilisation to celebrate International Migrants Rights Day on December 18, 2019

Women in Exile together with IPPNW are organizing a screening of our film “Testimonials from the Uterus”, which will be followed by a panel discussion.
It will take place on 18.12 at Kino Moviemento from 20h-22h
address: Kottbusser Damm 22, 10967 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

We celebrate this day by inviting all to work together to end:

Systematic violations of fundamental human rights – to life, to dignity, to work, to health, to seek a future – that refugee and migrant peoples are experiencing on their journeys of forced displacement, on the borders as well as within the Fortress Europe.

Policies of the European Commission and Member States on – zero possibilities for regular pathways to migrate; externalization and securitization of borders and Agreements such the EU-Turkey, Italy-Libya, widespread detention of migrants and refugee peoples; practice of necropolitics forbidding sea rescue.

All forms of forced displacement – including ethnic cleansing, climate and environmental disasters leading to – internal and outmigration.
Criminalization of migrants, of refugees and of social actors that, individually and collectively, exercise practices and responsibilities of solidarity towards migrants and refugees.

Racist, patriarchal and authoritarian structures entrenching discrimination, xenophobia and islamophobia.

In the face of this very hostile environment in Europe and in other global regions, we assert that this is the time to converge our strengths and work towards building an environment where human rights for all are affirmed and the basis is laid to end hate speech, impunity, injustice and to open borders.

Let December 18, 2019 be a moment to spread the word that:
To Migrate is not a Crime – To Migrate is a Human Right! It is Time for a new Transnational activism and solidarity!

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