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Intersectional Feminism is Nothing Without Interfaith Dialogue

Original source

The following speech was given by Ruman Project founder at the Women’s March in Berlin, Germany in front of the Humboldt University on January 19, 2019.

As we march through a city known for a wall that stood as a symbol of division and hate, the government of my birth country is now demanding a wall be built to keep out immigrants and refugees. There’s this saying I’m fond of, “Build a longer table, not a higher wall.” Let today serve as a reminder that we all belong at the table. But while we are sitting there, we need to talk ask ourselves: “What does intersectional feminism mean to me? How do we incorporate the needs of all women in this agenda?

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The Right to Stay for Lesbian Refugees!

Wer schweigt, wer redet? Wer wird gesehen, wer wird gehört?


Am 2. Juli 2018 stattete der Bayerische Staatsminister des Innern und gegen Integration Joachim Herrmann unserem Camp einen Besuch ab. Jedoch: Mit uns sprach niemand. Spontaner Sitzprotest gegen rassistische Ignoranz folgte.

Regensburg. Nach dem Besuch der Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung in der ehemaligen Bajuwarenkaserne kam Minister Herrmann in unser Camp, welches die mit Stacheldraht umzäunte frühere Pionierkaserne in der Zeißstraße ist. Deutschen ist unser Camp bekannt als „Transitzentrum“, manche nennen es auch „Abschiebelager“, da regelmäßig Geflüchtete mit Gewalt von hier fortgebracht werden. Bald wird es wieder einmal umbenannt: in „AnKER-Zentrum“.

Die Lebensbedingungen in unserem Camp sind schlimmer als in anderen Gemeinschaftsunterkünften. Die alltägliche Zermürbung hat zahlreiche Facetten. Ohne auf die Details eingehen zu wollen, sagen wir nur so viel: Wer wissen möchte, was hier vor sich geht, sollte es bereits wissen, denn die Zustände sind kein Geheimnis.

Als Herrmann samt Entourage in zehn schwarzen BMW und Polizeibegleitung in den Hof des Camps fuhr, erwarteten wir ein Gesprächsgesuch seinerseits, welches wir auf Augenhöhe durchgeführt hätten. Allerdings hat er vergessen, dass wir die Bewohnenden des Camps sind, denn er hat vergessen, wer wir sind:
Menschen, nicht zu verwaltende Zahlen, die am Ende gegen Null gehen sollen.

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The Struggle of Women across the Sea

Alarm Phone 6 Week Report, 5 February – 18 March 2018

Stories and Struggles of Migrant Women at Sea +++ 458 Deaths at Sea in 2018 +++ Developments in the Central Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, and Aegean Sea +++ Summaries of 25 Alarm Phone distress cases


In April 2017, Sylvie and Joelle wanted to cross the sea to escape their predicament and start a new life in Europe.[1] They did not know one another until they boarded the small rubber boat in Turkey, together with twenty-two others, including two children. Sylvie was anxious and entered last, handing over her red bag to Joelle who promised to return it after their safe arrival. They departed, but at some point, somewhere in the Aegean Sea, they ran out of fuel and could not continue. Sylvie tried to call for help, but her phone was caught by a large wave. Lost at sea, Joelle, who was in the 8th month pregnant, started to cry and pray for help, but nobody came. The boat capsized, and everybody fell into the water, drifting away from each other. Sylvie and Joelle were separated but Joelle did not give up: “I had a strong feeling of power in me. I don’t even know where this came from, where we fell in the sea there was nothing, no boats, no fishermen, no police, no one.” She was able to stay together with two others, Guilaine and Teddy. They floated in the water throughout the night, trying to stay conscious and together. But at some point, a wave parted them, and Joelle was all alone. Hours later, she suddenly saw a boat approaching. She was taken aboard of the rescue vessel of the NGO Proactiva and brought to land.

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Sea-Watch Conference 20.06.2017

On 20th June 2017, Women in Exile will participate in a conference of the Sea-Watch group which is saving people from drowning in the Mediterreanian Sea. Here you can find more information.



Mobilization against the G20 Africa Conference this June in Berlin


Women in Exile in MOVEMENTS vol 3

we are very pleased to announce the release of the new issue of movements. Journal for Critical Migration and Border Regime Studies:
movements volume 3, issue 1/2017  |  Contested movements to and through EUrope
Issue 3 (1) addresses two facets of EUropean migration politics that are rarely scrutinised in their relation to one another: the conflicts around internal EU migration and social rights, as well as the dynamics of the EU’s border and asylum policies since the 2015/2016 border regime crisis.
Foto: Umbruch Bildarchiv
The journal is available in printed form via the German publisher transcript, as well as in an open-access version at 

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For a Berlin of Solidarity, Diversity and Migrants

Even if we are mainly active in Brandenburg, we fully support the call of many groups for a Berlin of Solidarity, Diversity and Migrants.

Our demands:

1. An immediate halt of deportations from Berlin. The right to stay for all newly arrived Berlin residents.

2. No deportations from Berlin to Afghanistan!

3. On the federal level, we call on the Berlin government to put all their efforts toward preventing a further tightening of the asylum law!


Nachlese zu einem Care-Revolution-Themenabend im November 2016 in Potsdam

Fachveranstaltung Schutz von geflüchteten Menschen vor geschlechtsspezifischer Gewalt

Eindrücke von der Fachveranstaltung „Schutz von geflüchteten Menschen vor geschlechtsspezifischer Gewalt“ am 23. September 2016, Berlin, findet ihr hier: