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Demo: Kein Fussbreit. Antisemitismus tötet. Rassismus tötet – rechter Terror bedroht unsere Gesellschaft.

Im Rahmen von der rechtsterroristische Anschlag in Halle am 13.10 fand eine Demo mit 8000 Teilnehmern statt. Wir hielten folgende Rede:

Wir trauern um die Opfer der rechtsextremistischen und antisemitischen Anschläge in Halle. Wir erklären uns solidarisch mit den Angehörigen und allen Betroffenen von Rassismus und Antisemitismus.
Wir sind von der Gruppe Women in Exile, einer Selbstorganisierung von geflüchteten Frauen, die sich 2002 in Brandenburg gegründet hat.

Unser politisches Ziel ist die Utopie einer gerechten Gesellschaft ohne Ausgrenzung und Diskriminierung. Wir kämpfen dafür, dass alle Menschen, egal woher sie kommen und wohin sie gehen, die gleichen Rechte haben.

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Testimonials from the uterus: film screening + panel discussion

On the 15.10 we will do the premier of our film “Testimonials from the
s”, a video part of our health project “Health care for all without discrimination”.

In the film three refugee women give the testimonies regarding different experiences they have had around their health issues and how the health care system treats them as asylum seekers. Also proffesionals supporting refugees share the reflections of what is means to be a non-citizen when trying to access the German health care system.

After the screening of the film, there will be a panel discussion with
Women in Exile, Medibüro, Komm Mit, and Fluchtlingsrat Brandenburg.

Film screening + panel discussion
Date: 15.10.2019
Time: 19:00
Address: Skalitzer Str. 6
10999 Berlin

25.11. Justice for Rita on “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women“”

International Women Space has released a video with an interview with Rita Awour Ojunge ‘s mother

We would like to invite all activists and all those in solidarity and concerned with the problems faced by refugee to travel together with us in a big bus from:
Oranienplatz at 10am to Herzberg Kreisverwaltung and Hohenleipisch

Our rally on the 25.11.2019 the International day for “Elimination against violence against women”, we will travel together from Berlin Oranienplatz to Herzberg Elbe-Elster and remind the city authorities that the closure of the Hohenleipisch lager is long overdue. We will then travel to the Hohenleipisch lager to show solidarity with the refugee living in this isolated lager

Download flyer DE | EN

The demand for justice for Rita continues. Join us on the 25.11.2019, the International day for „the Elimination of Violence against Women“, to protest on violence against refugee women* and demand the closure in particular of the Hohenleipisch Lager as a first step to abolish all camps. For many years we have been organising activities and raising public awareness on sexual violence and harassment of us refugee women* in the camps.

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Feminist Futures Festival

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rally-feministFuturesFestival20190914_152526-e1568905553685-1024x576.jpg

Last weekend, from 12th to 14th September, in the framework of the Feminist Futures Festival, Women in Exile was invited to give a Workshop on “Women, Asylum and Solidarity: How open are my political structures to refugee women?”.

Feminist Futures Festival; the event was a highlight among the feminist movement in Germany. It was a huge feminists gathering since many years. More than 1000 women* from all over the world came to the Festival to share their knowledge, experiences, meet and have fun together.

Our workshop was attended by around 80 participants and we posed three questions for reflection:

How do you define feminism?
What are the barriers that prevent people from equal participation?
What would you change to have an inclusive feminism?

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Demo Justice for Rita

On 27.8. around 60 people attended the demo demanding Justice for Rita in front of the Brandenbrug Ministry of Interior in Potsdam.

Once again was asked the closure of all lagers, as they are prisons of which refugees are being victims, and death is one of the results, as it has been in the case of Rita.

After one minute of silence in her memory, speeches of the organization

supporting the demo were read, as is the case of Fluchtslingsrat Brandenburg, ISD, Solidarity Cities, Respect, as well as the open letter of the residents of the lager where Rita lived. Then the mic was left open to share the experiences around the fights against racism, discrimination and sexism.

We expect by the 25th November, that the lager of Hohenleipich as a first step to close all lagers, if not we will go there to demonstrate against violence against women.

NO more lagers for women and children!,

CLOSE all lagers!!

PM: Gerechtigkeit für Rita! – Kundgebung für die Rechte von geflüchteten Frauen in Brandenburg und gegen Gewalt an Frauen

Wir laden Sie herzlich zur Kundgebung “Gerechtigkeit für Rita!” am 27.08.2019 um 14:30 Uhr vor dem Brandenburgischen Innenministerium in Potsdam, Henning-von-Tresckow-Straße ein.

Die Kundgebung wird anlässlich des Mordes an Rita Awour Ojunge aus der Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Hohenleipisch von Women in Exile & Friends mit der Unterstützung vom Flüchtlingsrat Brandenburg, FIBB (Flüchtlingsinitiative Berlin/Brandenburg), ISD (Initiative Schwarzer Menschen in Deutschland), Refugee Emancipation und Solidarity City Berlin organisiert.
Wir wollen gemeinsam Rita gedenken und fordern eine Aufklärung des Falles sowie die Schließung des Lagers in Hohenleipisch!

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Justice for Rita!

Tuesday, 27.08.19, 14:30

Rally in front of the Brandenburg Ministry of Interior in Potsdam-
Henning-von-Tresckow-Str. (10 Min. walking from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof)

On 7th of April 019, our sister Rita Awour Ojunge, disappeard leaving behind two small kids. She was 32 years old, from Kenya and had been living in Germany for more than 7 years in the Lager of Hohenleipisch. It took the police 3 months to discover her remains in the forest near the Lager. Even to start looking for her despite the reports of many of her friends and neighbors, it took a call from Berlin police to make the Brandenburg police to even start looking for her seriously. Up to date no details surrounding the circumstances of her death were released officially.

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Climate Change is a flight reason

On Friday 9th August, Women in Exile gave a workshop at the Climate Camp Leipzig which took part from 03.-.12.08 from a refugee’s women perspective.  We shared how we see climate changes as one of the flight reasons leading to migration.  

The reasons vary from land- & water grabbing, the destruction and change of eco-systems. Labour and resources exploitation are also factors contributing to climate changes and affecting people’s lives leading to migration and flight.

 This was followed up by discussions on concrete examples from cash crops e.g. the flower industry in Kenya which supplies 80% of the European market, tropical deforestation in African countries and the role of multinational companies.

On how to connect our fights, work together and be part of an international movement against climate injustice, we looked for answers to the question of what practical steps the climate movements should take into consideration in solidarity with the African countries.

Part of the call on the Leipzig Climate camp was that; “the fight for climate justice cannot be fought, without pushing back on racism and fascism. Therefore, the main focus of this year’s climate camp will be anti-racism and anti-fascism”.  

Short film

Opening Speech – Building Bridges Festival

We, Women in Exile & Friends from Berlin/Brandenburg welcome all of you to our “Building Bridges” festival. We welcome you together with sisters from Stimme der Frauen from Magdeburg, FLIT Solidarity Africa from Munich, Frauen in Aktion from Göttingen , NINA from Hamburg, Activists from Halle, Nürnberg, Kiel, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Sachsen-Anhalt and refugee women* from all over Germany. Welcome!

This festival will take place for the next three days here in Oranienplatz, a square which is of historic significance for the self-organized refugee movement in Germany. As some might know in 2012, seven years ago, refugees marched by foot from Bavaria to Berlin. Right here, they set up a protest camp to protest against the oppression of refugees in Germany.

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