Invitation to the 8.3 demonstration in Potsdam 11:00-14:00 hrs

On 8. March, we invite you to join us on the streets of Potsdam to protest loudly in front of the Ministry of the Interior and walk to the Parliament. To condemn growing racism and the threat to asylum rights. The situation is becoming more and more threatening, it is time for the society to take a stand.

The concrete situation of refugees living here is becoming more and more precarious; instead of paying with cash, we are now supposed to pay with a card. Many of us are threatened with deportation, we are desperate, we are falling ill, we do not know where to find refuge and protection. The EU decision on the new GEAs’ guidelines locks refugees in detention camps at Europe’s external borders.

At the end of November, right-wing extremists met in Potsdam to plan mass deportations. The hatred of the participants of the meeting, which was attended by neo-Nazis, AFD politicians and CDU members, is directed against us, against refugees, migrants with an unclear status and people with German citizenship who do not conform to the prevailing norms – and against all those who support refugees. It is not only the secret meetings of right-wing extremists that are characterised by contempt for humanity and racism. The current government’s harsh policy towards refugees gives the right-wing groups the intellectual basis to expedite their discrimination and racism.

Let’s take to the streets, join our rally in Potsdam, let us fight together; on March 8th, we will take to the streets and denounce the double standards of the prevailing politics and demand:
Freedom of movement!!
Abolition of racism and GEAS!!
No Lager for women and children, abolish all Lagers!!
Right to come, right to go, right to stay!!!

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