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IWS: Hennigsdorf – they tried to deport her again!

dfotoOn the 7th of September, around 4 o’clock in the morning, in a Heim in Hennigsdorf, a refugee woman was again compelled out of her room, violently pushed in to a police car and taken to the airport in one more forced deportation attempt. They didn’t succeed because the pilot refused to take in a woman in such a distress. They came as they do: in many, violently pushing, humiliating, handcuffing as if the woman was a dangerous criminal.

We, from the IWS, went to Hennigsdorf, to see her, after once again she resisted her deportation and what followed was a horror display of more violence against her and also against us, her friends.

We arrived in the Heim around 12h. She was nervous, weak, scared. Her arms were red and swollen. Her nightgown, clothes she was wearing when she was arrested, was full of blood, her back had red marks left by the police.

Continue reading IWS: Hennigsdorf – they tried to deport her again!

Vielsprachiges neues Material

stop deportation

Es ist schwierig, an gutes, mehrsprachiges Material zum Thema Asylverfahren/Abschiebung zu kommen. Hier sind zwei Tipps von uns:

Auf gibt es den neuen Stop-Deportation-Comic zum herunterladen. Auf Arabisch, Englisch, Farsi, Französisch, Deutsch, Romanes, Serbo-Kroatisch, Spanisch, Türkisch.

-Auch zum Ausdrucken-


Bei gibt es Übersetzungen der Informationen zur Anhörung im Asylverfahren. Auf Albanisch, Amharisch, Arabisch, Bosnisch, Deutsch, Englisch und Russisch.



IWS: Die Abschiebung, die niemals stattfand

The deportation that never was

Unsere Freundinnen vom International Women’s Space haben eine (nicht-)Abschiebung dokumentiert. Vielen Dank an unsere Schwester für den Mut, ihre Geschichte aufzuschreiben. Geschichten wie diese sind die traurige alltägliche Realität von vielen geflüchteten Frauen in Deutschland. Wenn wir wieder und wieder solche Sachen hören ist es für uns umso mehr eine Motivation, laut zu bleiben, weiter zu kämpfen!

deutsche Version weiter unten

deportation1“Last Thursday, the 30th of July, as I went to the Foreign Office/Ausländerbehörde to renew my Identity Card/Ausweis, they told me there was a bomb threat in the building and that they couldn’t work on my papers, that I should come back the next day, on Friday, at 8 o’clock in the morning, but on Friday, at around 3 o’clock in the morning, they came to deport me. I was praying in my room in the Heim when I heard a very strong knock on my door. I opened it and saw two police women standing there. Together with them was the boy from the Ausländerbehörde, the same boy who had told me to go back on Friday to renew my Ausweis. This boy is a wicked boy.

The first words which came out from his mouth were: “give me your Ausweis”. I gave him and he said: “this time you are going to Cameroon.”

The police women, who until now, had only stood there, asked if they could help me packing my things. I said no because I was not going to pack anything. They wanted me to get dressed and I asked them to wait outside the room so I could put on my clothes, but they didn’t accepted it and suggested I get changed in the toilet. They followed me to the toilet and watched over at the door until I was ready. I went back to my room and they followed me inside. Continue reading IWS: Die Abschiebung, die niemals stattfand