Excerpt from pages 123–124 of our book “Breaking Borders to Build Bridges“ available through Edition Assemblage

Hello, I’m Marjan. I come from Afghanistan and arrived in Germany with my family six years ago. First of all, I’d like to explain how I got to know a women’s* group called Women in Exile. I met them in the summer of 2018 through a friend. We and several other immigrant women* from various cities were travelling around by bus and visiting a number of German cities. There we met refugee women* from different countries. All of them had problems due to insufficient food and the Lagers. And this powerful group, Women in Exile, has taught them that they can defend their rights against adversity and fight for their rights. All the women* who lived in Lagers were invited to workshops and we spoke with them about their problems and how they can fight for a better life. Some of them told us about their experience of living in Lagers in the past and how they achieved their demands – how they got out of the Lagers, found a home for themselves and lived with their children in peace. Sometimes we took to the streets and invited women* to chant slogans together with us: that we’re all human and should live as equals, that no one is superior, and that we all have the right to a good life. Sometimes we partied and danced together and were happy, and ate together – it was most enjoyable. Unforgettable. All this was important to me, and it was the first time I saw how powerful the women* in this group are. And I wanted to be like them and help the women* of my country to fight for their rights and not be afraid that a woman* is deficient and should always stay at home and be oppressed. I’ve been in this group for four years now and take part in workshops. I feel good with these ladies. I think they’re part of me. I can’t leave them. They’re very kind, pleasant and strong.

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