Sea-Watch Kongress Veranstaltung

On 20.5.23, our group together with Border Forensics, International Women Space and Refugee Libya Emancipation participated in Sea-Watch’s congress that took place in Schloss Wahlsdorf, Luckenwalde.
We showed a small part of our last bus tour film “Women moving against lagers and Racism”
-due to the short time each group had for its input- as we went further talking about our
group’s history, work, goals, achievements, and challenges.
We followed the other groups’ work and history through their PowerPoints and film
presentation, and we were also able to see and understand from a summary of the distress
cases witnessed, the number of operations conducted, boats that were being spotted at sea etc.
The participant from the Refugee Libya Emancipation conducted his input virtually and he
shared in addition to his group’s input, how he survived the brutality routes as he was seeking
After the input and a short break, we participated in the small discussion groups that were
created for open discussions, questions and strategizing on how we can continue supporting
one another to ensure the freedom of movement for all!

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