Power misuse of the lager management

Newsletter #17

Some weeks ago Opferperspektive shared the situation of a lager in Rangsdorf, a family had been harassed by the manager of the Lager. We went to visit them in their new lager to listen from their own voice what had happened.

At the door we had a first clash, security was asking only for the id-cards of the non-germans.. We ended the discussion at the manager’s office , which literally said “this is my lot and it’s done what I say”. This is the attitude of a employer of a private enterprise working for local Government and under the rule of this mind-set people are living refugees for years.

Once we were inside (not giving our id-card but just our names) the woman who has been transferred from Rangsdorf to this lager told us that, “Rangsdorf is run like a military camp, and people live in permanent fear”. They are afraid that whatever happens in the lager, will have an impact in their Asylum process. Sozialamt and Auslanderbehörde, are accomplices of Lager managers since they execute what’s said by them without listening to the residents.

The family we were visiting told us, they had had some clash with the manager since he was deciding when they had to do, regarding school, work, etc. they confronted him by saying they are adults and can take their own decisions, then problems started. Kids were called “dirty monkeys” by the manager, he told them they would be the next ones leaving the lager and started a whole process of mobbing. Our view is, by creating this situation the management wanted to divide the residents living in the Lager and cause situations of violence. If not enough, the management has written letters wanting to discredit them to different responsible inside the Sozialamt. Finally they were transfered.

Afterwards, we contacted more women living in Rangsdorf ,who have confirmed the level of fear residents of the lager live with, they are afraid to talk about the situation of the lager. Another women is threaten to be thrown out of the lager, basically for the same reasons, not be submissive to the manager and speak out for herself.

The permanent violation of basic human rights that are happening in the lagers, has not change along the years and it’s getting worse as laws come more restrictive.

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