National wide action conference for refugee-women and friends

Deutsch hier: Bundesweite Aktionskonferenz für Flüchtlingsfrauen und ihre Freundinnen

19.06.15 – 21.06.15 in Berlin Wannsee

Women in Exile and Friends invite all refugee women, women who joined and supported us in our raft tour last summer and women activists working with refugee women.
Since last summer a lot has changed, some things for the better like the food packet, vouchers and partly the Residenzpflicht. On the other hand, many refugees drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, Dublin III deportations increased. The accommodations deteriorated as refugees are being housed in all forms of accommodations from containers, sport halls and tents etc.
The three day conference will enable us analyse all this together, by exchanging information on the current situation in our areas and to plan a big national wide summer action in 2016. It will also enable us get first hand information from refugee women from different parts of the country. This is seminar for women, from a woman’s perspective.
The conference languages will be English and German, and we will organise translators for Arabic, Farsi, Russian, French, Tigrinya and any other language if there is a demand for it.
To enable us to plan for accommodation, food and other needs, please confirm your participation latest by 10.06.2015.
0331 / 24348233, or 0176 32920586

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