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IWS: Hennigsdorf – they tried to deport her again!

dfotoOn the 7th of September, around 4 o’clock in the morning, in a Heim in Hennigsdorf, a refugee woman was again compelled out of her room, violently pushed in to a police car and taken to the airport in one more forced deportation attempt. They didn’t succeed because the pilot refused to take in a woman in such a distress. They came as they do: in many, violently pushing, humiliating, handcuffing as if the woman was a dangerous criminal.

We, from the IWS, went to Hennigsdorf, to see her, after once again she resisted her deportation and what followed was a horror display of more violence against her and also against us, her friends.

We arrived in the Heim around 12h. She was nervous, weak, scared. Her arms were red and swollen. Her nightgown, clothes she was wearing when she was arrested, was full of blood, her back had red marks left by the police.

Continue reading IWS: Hennigsdorf – they tried to deport her again!

From Personal Problems to Political demands: Refugee Women Workshop in Pankow 26.06.2015

Our refugee women workshop in Pankow was a success. It had been organised by Trixiewiz e.V. a local organisation working for refugees. The workshop was attended by refugee women from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. First, the women described their experiences and problems they are facing:

SAM_0021moving accommodation every second month, not being able to find flats in the neighbourhood, not finding kindergarten or schooling facilities for their children, not being able to attend German course because of lack of childcare, families being divided, racism and discrimination and a feeling of their being made to go round from one department to the other. We tried to find out solutions to these problems together by giving them tips to their rights as refugees and asylum seekers from a woman`s perspective. We made it clear to them which department is responsible for what in regards to their experiences and problems. Also they came up with creative solutions and all in all it was an empowering experience.

german here:

70 Women visited the nationalwide refugeewomen actionconference!

IMG_3618Our summer national wide action conference was very successful with an attendance of over 70 women from 20 different countries.

IMG_3610In a very friendly atmosphere, we exchanged a lot of great ideas in topics such as Health, Dublin III, Education, Accommodation, contact and information. A two hour professional advice was given by a lawyer who answered questions which arose from refugee women.

 german version here:

Mieten runter! Verdrängung stoppen!

Demo am 13.06.2015

Start: 14 Uhr Potsdam Hauptbahnhof
Ende: Luisenplatz mit 44 Leningrad

Der Redebeitrag von Women in Exile zum Nachhören

Women in Exile wünscht allen eine gute Demo!


Der Aufruf:

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Reduce rents! Stop displacement!Impossible to find an affordable place to live?
Residential containers at the edge of town?
No room for self-organized culture in Prussian Disneyland?On 13.06.2015 we walk the streets together for affordable housing in a lively city. We stand against exclusion and repression. The city belongs to us all!
The accommodation of people in residential containers is the sad low point in years of antisocial housing policies in the interest of profit. There are more and more luxury castles and less affordable living space. Soon our work salaries won’t pay for anything more than our rents. Those who don’t keep up will have to move away. We need a radical shift in housing policy. Therefore we take it to the streets and fight together—refugees, newcomers, natives, old and young, families, unemployed and employed—for a vibrant and supportive city.

Continue reading the demo call in English




Refugee Women Summer Bus Tour in Berlin/Brandenburg

Refugee Women Get Loud!
Refugee Women Summer Bus Tour in Berlin/Brandenburg


For the last two years the accommodation of refugee has become worse.
Some of us are accommodated in containers, tents or sport halls. There are too many people being put into too little space. A lot of money is being allocated to local authorities to upgrade isolated Lagers and the law is even allowing the construction of Lagers in industrial areas in form of containers! We also have to live with fears from racist attacks, fears of deportation and with the fact that our lives are literary being dictated by the discriminative laws of the government.


After surviving the dangerous journeys and having to live under these conditions, it makes an already hopeless situation become a traumatising one.
Reports of conflicts ending in death and sexual harassment and violence against women are becoming the norm.

For these reasons; we the refugee women and our friends have every reason to get loud and to demand a life in human dignity.

Women in Exile and Friends invite you to join us, on our Berlin/Brandenburg summer bus tour starting from 01.6.2015. We want to visit these camps once a week. Let us visit these camps together, talk to the women and find out, what are their pressing needs. Let them know of their human rights and together loudly voice our demands publicly. Let us take this opportunity to invite them to our summer seminar.

If you want to participate in this tour, please contact us!

10 points to really end the deaths of migrants at sea

Ferries not Frontex!

On April 20, the Joint Foreign and Home Affairs Council of the EU released a ten-­‐point action plan outlining their response to the recent deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. We are activists from Watch The Med Alarm Phone who have been involved in the struggles against the European border regime for several years and who have been in touch on a daily basis with hundreds of people who have crossed the Mediterranean through our work. Faced with the hypocrisy of the “solutions” that have been proposed so far, we feel compelled to undermine their falsity and attempt to open up an alternative space for reflection and action.

For more Information see…

National wide action conference for refugee-women and friends

Deutsch hier: Bundesweite Aktionskonferenz für Flüchtlingsfrauen und ihre Freundinnen

19.06.15 – 21.06.15 in Berlin Wannsee

Women in Exile and Friends invite all refugee women, women who joined and supported us in our raft tour last summer and women activists working with refugee women.
Since last summer a lot has changed, some things for the better like the food packet, vouchers and partly the Residenzpflicht. On the other hand, many refugees drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, Dublin III deportations increased. The accommodations deteriorated as refugees are being housed in all forms of accommodations from containers, sport halls and tents etc.
The three day conference will enable us analyse all this together, by exchanging information on the current situation in our areas and to plan a big national wide summer action in 2016. It will also enable us get first hand information from refugee women from different parts of the country. This is seminar for women, from a woman’s perspective.
The conference languages will be English and German, and we will organise translators for Arabic, Farsi, Russian, French, Tigrinya and any other language if there is a demand for it.
To enable us to plan for accommodation, food and other needs, please confirm your participation latest by 10.06.2015.
0331 / 24348233, or 0176 32920586

Right of Stay for all!

Deutsch hier: Bleiberecht für Alle!
15_05_05_Right to stay for all
We are documenting here our speech for the demonstration against the tightening of asylum laws on the 5th of Mai in Berlin:

We are fed up with the double standard of the people in charge of making refugee policies in this country.
When refugee drowns in the Mediterranean Sea, they pretend to be very bitter and want to do all what is possible in their powers to stop the mafia traffickers and deaths. And all what we hear is: “We will build a camp in the north of Africa; we will put more money in the Frontex to prevent these deaths.”
What we don’t hear: “We will open the borders for these people who are risking their lives looking for refuge.” As if a lager in North Africa or money added to strengthen the Frontex does not mean the same thing: more deaths.
When will it be clear that the more restrictive measures taken to prevent refugee entering European ground, the more deaths will occur and the more illegal travel business will prosper? Or is it that, these lives mean nothing to the policy makers?

If you are one of the lucky ones to survive these dangers and to enter Germany
Continue reading Right of Stay for all!

Why Boat Refugees don’t fly…

When will it be clear that the more restrictive measures taken to prevent refugee entering European soil, the more deaths will occur and the more illegal travelling business will prosper? Or is it that these lives to the policy makers mean nothing?

Wann wird es endlich klar: Je mehr restriktive Maßnahmen eingeführt werden, Flüchtlinge daran zu hindern, europäischem Boden zu betreten – desto mehr Todesfälle werden auftreten und desto mehr werden illegale Reiseunternehmen florieren. Oder ist es so, dass diese Leben den politischen Entscheidungsträgern nichts bedeuten?

Mehr darüber, wie insbesondere die deutsche Visapraxis die Macht und Privilegien des Globalen Nordens manifestiert hier: Der alltägliche Skandal

Zum ‚Tag der Arbeit’: Wir fordern ein Ende aller Arbeitsverbote für Asylsuchende

Bild: Demo 7.3.15
!5_03_07_Arbeitsverbote_abschaffenWir fordern alle Arbeitsverbote für Asylsuchende abzuschaffen, denn Arbeitsverbote sind ein Teil einer Asylgesetzgebung, die Asylsuchende systematisch ausgrenzt.

Auch wenn  im November 2014 einige Verbesserungen in Kraft getreten sind, immer noch gibt es viel zu viele Arbeitsverbote – aus den unterschiedlichsten Gründen.

Hier ein Überblick über den Zugang zum Arbeitsmarkt (seit 11. November 2014) Continue reading Zum ‚Tag der Arbeit’: Wir fordern ein Ende aller Arbeitsverbote für Asylsuchende