Right of Stay for all!

Deutsch hier: Bleiberecht für Alle!
15_05_05_Right to stay for allWe are documenting here our speech for the demonstration against the tightening of asylum laws on the 5th of Mai in Berlin:

We are fed up with the double standard of the people in charge of making refugee policies in this country.
When refugee drowns in the Mediterranean Sea, they pretend to be very bitter and want to do all what is possible in their powers to stop the mafia traffickers and deaths. And all what we hear is: “We will build a camp in the north of Africa; we will put more money in the Frontex to prevent these deaths.”
What we don’t hear: “We will open the borders for these people who are risking their lives looking for refuge.” As if a lager in North Africa or money added to strengthen the Frontex does not mean the same thing: more deaths.
When will it be clear that the more restrictive measures taken to prevent refugee entering European ground, the more deaths will occur and the more illegal travel business will prosper? Or is it that, these lives mean nothing to the policy makers?

If you are one of the lucky ones to survive these dangers and to enter Germany

then you are isolated in remote areas where you are exposed to racist attacks. You are entitled to a 6qm² space. The result of all this, is depression either because of the inhuman living conditions in the “Lagers” or because of awaited deportations under Dublin III and a lack of a working permit. Is the German government so helpless to improve this precarious situation? Or is it that there is no political will at all in improving the living conditions of refugees, because the idea is to deport them as soon as possible?
As if the before mentioned conditions would not be bad enough, we furthermore have to experience physical violence in the Lagers and institutional as well as street racism. In addition to that on an everyday-life basis we have to struggle with a lack of privacy, with unbearable hygienic conditions of the common bathrooms and with rules of the “Heims”.

How much longer will fear determine our lives?

During the long journey to Europe we go through numerous risks. Fear accompanies every single border crossing we are trying to achieve and gets even stronger when we manage to do so. We live in constant anxiety for deportation, with fear of being deported within the EU from one „save“ country to another for the umpteenth time and in anxiety even worse living conditions in countries like Greece or Bulgaria or Poland. We struggle every day with the fear of physical assaults and any other racist attacks in the streets of Europe. Every Day all of us have to struggle with all these kinds of fear and anxiety.
Refugee women are double victims to these circumstances and conditions. They suffer the most, because they are the ones who take up the responsibility to ensure that their families function in these circumstances. In addition they struggle not only as refugees or illegalised persons, but also as women.

In contrast to the policy of the German government we are grateful to the human rights organisations and aindividuals trying to safe lives in the Mediterranean Sea. And for All the welcoming initiatives, anti-racist, feminist and human-right organisations in different parts of the country, that are supporting refugees and illegalized persons and trying to make live bearable to us who are living in these conditions.

With the new laws coming up this simply means, if you going through the above the next step will be prison to await deportation.

Despite all the crocodile tears, German government continues doing all in its power to make a fortress Europe, see that only the refugees who are economically viable can enter the country, while the rest are either deported straight away to their countries of origin, or to other European countries as Dublin III victims.
„Refugee“ is neither a profession nor a nationality. When we speak about „refugees“ we mean people who have been forced to leave their home countries for drastic reasons.

Now the policy makers are debating on passing a law to make life as difficult as possible for refugees who managed to conquer death to get here. With this new law, they are to be deported immediately without a chance of getting back here.

15_05_05_BleibeRecht fuer AlleWe demand from the federal government!
Step back from your policy to keep refugees from entering Germany or force them to leave again – this policy ends in so many thousands of death.
Stop harassing refugees and let them live a dignified life.

“Right of stay for everybody”!

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